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Question: What comes to mind after reading this!?
fire fox and dreams of home by dark kisaragi

When the tree was young a fire fox was born under this tree!. She feels a need to go back to the tree but first she must find the jade wolf!.
In her dreams she can feel the jade wolf as if she is calling to her come find me!. Walking an ends less path to find her other half!.
On warm night she hears the jade wolf like she is saying "I'm close by don't stop looking"!. Ever howl is calling her to go further away from
tree she called home!. For the first part of her journey she would dream of home!. The tree was everything to her until the day someone walked
into her life!. They showed her there was more to life then the small tree she called home!. The jade wolf would look at her as to say i have
been all over to many places seen many but few like you!.She stay with the fire fox for some time it was like a dream for her!. To find ones
self in another!. Now days her dreams are of the one who helped her find something that made her heart feel something more!. For the first time
this fire fox was not alone!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Finding loveWww@QuestionHome@Com

uhm, you made this right!? are you looking for a bestfriend or huband or wife or something!? its like you're saying that you want to take the risk of leaving or going away from your 'safezone', so that you can explore your life more!. Go do it! You'll never forget your way back home because that's what and who you are!.!.!. :) well, thats whats on my mind!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It sounds like love n_nWww@QuestionHome@Com