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Question: What do you think of my poem!? constructive criticism please :)!?
You think I'm a fool!.
You don't like my looks!.
I understand!. We're all judgemental!.
I keep on going!. Why do I keep on going!?
I keep on going, knowing that there are invisible layers i keep for the chance to reveal!.
Their harsh looks should silence me!.
But is that look in your eye softening!?
Yes, I am selfish!. Yes, I do live for myself!.
But I don't care what you live for!.
I talk with you!. I'm normal too!.
I say what you've been thinking!.
You see that they're watching!.
You see that it's amusing that they care!.
They haven't learned yet!. Will they ever learn!?
Will I ever learn!?
Yes, it will catch up with me,
But in the meantime, let's be free!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
good poem :P, the edited poem is way better :P!. anywho when i read this i was thinking about like ppl who others think shouldnt be together but they take a chance on love anyway, despite the gossip and what others might think!. so it just made me think, and i think that this poem is really good :P keep it upWww@QuestionHome@Com