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Question: What do you guys think about this story!? (Please be honest)!?
I wrote this story just a few minutes ago and im not finished yet!. I just wanted to know what I could change and if it was good then what was good about it!. Im not a good writer in the sense of all the grammer rules and things!. So just tell me what you think and remember Im not finished, and what would you like to see happen at the end!. Its called valentine!.!.!.

It was valentines day and I was alone once again!. My friends all had dates, and around this time they were with their boyfriends having dinner, sex or whatever!. The time was passing by and I felt like I wasn’t getting anything done!. A quarter to 8 I decided to just treat myself to a nice dinner at Le Bernardin!. Feeling highly depressed and undesirable I put on my sexiest black dress and cute heels!. Throwing my hair in a cute hump with pins into a ponytail!.
She felt as though her life had ended!. Who knew that she would be lonely the fifth year in a row on valentines day!. She arrived at the restaurant and quickly ordered a table as far back as she could; she didn’t want anyone to see her!.
My food had arrived and I was so hungry I decided to throw myself in the red snapper!. That’s when I felt as if eyes were watching me take one bite at a time!. There he was, Adam!. It seemed as if God sent him from above that night!.
“Are you dining alone!?”
“Yes!.” I answered!. I didn’t have anything else to say; no way was I going to take this guy home and sleep with him I’m not that desperate!.
“Do you mind if I sit with you!? I am pretty lonely myself!.”
And then I got defensive, “Lonely!? Oh no I’m not lonely I just wanted to be alone tonight!.”
As he sat down I got a real good look at him, and no way was I taking him home!. He was white, had freckles and his blonde shoulder length hair swayed side to side as if he had took a flat iron and worked it all over his head!. Adam could have been an extra for a Pantene commercial!. Not to mention his to tight shirt, vest and dress pants with dress shoes!.
“Right! I mean who wants to be alone on valentines day!?” He laughed!.
I decided to give in; it was extremely boring alone!. I also laughed!.
“Your right!. I didn’t plan this I didn’t even want this!.”
I didn’t know what he seen in me; here I am alone on valentines day and the only black girl in the restaurant!.
We talked forever, well it seemed like forever!. He wanted to be a doctor going to med school and visiting the big apple just for a break!. He was originally from New Hampshire!. Can we say dork!? The time passed by so swiftly and it was 11 and the restaurant was closing!. I didn’t bother to invite Adam over my house I mean he could have been a killer for all I knew!. I waited for a cab as well as him also!.
All of a sudden it started pouring, rain everywhere!. The cab driver didn’t even want to drive far, so I decided to let Adam stay the night since his apartment was all the way across town!. Crazy!? I know!.
I got home and I was soaked just from the departure from the cab to my apartment!.
“This night was fun!.” Adam said as he was trying to figure out how he would position himself on the couch!.
“Yeah!. And I have a guest room you can sleep there and also I have men clothes from my ex boyfriend so I will get you some!.” I ran upstairs searching through my ex’s drawer!.
“What happened to him!?” He yelled trying to make sure I heard him!.
“Oh, he died in a car accident 5 years ago!.” Here you go, handing him the pajamas!.
“Thanks!. So I take it you haven’t had sex since he died!.”
“Hey to personal Adam!.”
“Oh sorry!.”
“No your fine!. I’m going to bed goodnight and please don’t kill me while I’m sleep” We both laughed!.
As I was half way up the stairs I said, “No I haven’t!.”
The rain had continued to pour harder and harder and around 2 am I found myself tossing and turning!. I was half sleep and half awake when I noticed a dark shadow standing over me!. Before I began to even scream I remembered that Adam was here!. I should have been scared there was a total stranger at my house, but I felt that I knew him and I could trust him!.

“What are you doing!?” I asked!.
Adam got on top of me and started to kiss my neck and I didn’t know what to think I wanted it but then I didn’t!. He started to kiss towards my navel; I raised his head up and brought his head up to mine and kissed him with no hesitation!. His lips and tongue felt so good and I started to crave him!. He pulled my panties off and started to kiss inside my thighs making me shake before he even started doing anything!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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wow i really like that i have to give it 9/10 so passionate i want MORE! kidding(but i really did like it) i give it a 9 because the grammar but other then that i really like , at first i really didn't want to read it but im glad i did, i like the whole idea of the book!.!.!.!.well b/c i love romance and drama i think you have some serious talent, also as for the ending i cant really tell you that b/c well its your book so i think you should chose the ending when i read books i want the ending to be a surprised so yeah!.

p!.s when your done with the book i would be glad to read it hoped i helpWww@QuestionHome@Com

To be honest, I think it is a very good story!. 10/10Www@QuestionHome@Com