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Question: Poety: Comments, anyone!?
Comments much appreciated, don’t be too hard on my novice poetry

Are you saved!?

I had faith, but not above
I gave heart and sole to love
It got me further than you took me

And when I finally did let it go
I was lost, but yet to know
What freedom it gave me

I would lie to say it is crystal clear
When there are a lot of words I have yet to hear
And things to say, if people listen

Then I fall out of rhyme
Because passion, love and lust
Are close strangers to me

And what I hate is hate its self
And what I fear in fear
Is why in the dark and only I cry

The inevitable dawns like the morning sun
You cannot stop the day once it has begun
You can only get there while it is still dark

When everything must have an end
Because there is only so much to mend
But I will have already said good byeWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
I like how the title corresponds with the poem!.
I also severely love this line: The inevitable dawns like the morning sun

I think it basically 'speaks' of someone who gave much to their love, and worked to make it last-- but in the end realized that it was a fruitless attempt; trying to hang on, and so they "let it go"!.
When they did finally let their love go, they came to realize just how much freedom there was!. Just how many other things there are in life!. They were lost, yes, and hurting, quite; but that never stopped them from being cognizant!.
Perhaps the person the poem is referring to has troubles coping with the loss of their love, and for some reason, they still can't fully comprehend everything that happened!. Well, not completely!.
The loss of their love causes them to be somewhat unbalanced!.
Stanza's four and five!.!.!. got me somewhat confused!.
Then stanza six, I believe, starts off by stating that despite anything, and no matter what, they'll have to move on!. Even so, they can mourn for their lost love during the night!.
And then, in conclusion, the person realizes that "all bad things must end", and she claims that she has already said goodbye to her lost love, and will move on!.

This is what I got out of it the first time I read it!.
I might be wrong!.


Hey, its a really nice poem!. Very emotive!.
lol how embarrassing, it kinda made me cry cause i can relate to it