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Question: I set you free!.!.!. re post for different comments!?
I set you free
But I imprison myself
I give you peace
But I keep none for myself
I give you joy
Yet I am plagued with misery
I tell you to have strength
When I am absolutely weak inside
I encourage you to live,
Laugh, smile and most importantly dream
Nevertheless the acrid taste of ruin
Lives in me
I am broken, shattered and empty
I set you free to soar the vast skies above
I will crawl in the arid wilderness
Do not cry my love
I am dead inside but
I will survive knowing that
Your dreams fly against the winds
I set you free
Because I love you
I keep nothing for myselfWww@QuestionHome@Com

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I really like this poem that you wrote!. It sounds very!.!.!.ummm!.!.!.i don't know!.!.!.!.I just really like it!.!.!.!.well done!Www@QuestionHome@Com