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Question: How do you like my poem about the Civil War!?
The Sound of Fear

Saying goodbye,
Beginning to cry,
She watched as her sons walked away from the house!.

Tears flowing,
Mind knowing,
It would be a while before she again saw Jack or Klauss!.

The two boys fighting,
Hatred igniting,
She knew the two brothers were no longer friends!.

Mind racing,
Body pacing,
She hoped that their lives wouldn't be coming to their ends!.

Months going by,
It's nearing July,
And no word of Jack, her Confederate son!.

Time passing slowly,
She's beginning to get lonely,
And from her Union son, Klauss, still none!.

Hopes increasing,
Worries deceasing,
She receives a letter today!.

Hands trembling,
Eyes resembling,
Something was terribly astray!.

Tears coming back,
Her heart remembering Jack,
The letter says that he is now dead!.

Eyes reading on,
Sad thoughts dawn,
She learns that Klauss shot him in the head

Anger sparking,
Grief harking,
She dares to read the rest of the terrible and unfortunate letter!.

Depression deepening,
Tears creeping,
She reads that Klauss killed himself when he learned he was the death whetter!.

Tears are running dry,
She's letting out a sigh,
She notices one more paper in the mail!.

Eyes examining the note,
She is reading what Klauss wrote,
It says, simply, that he is sorry for the sad tale!.

Brothers fighting brothers,
Massacres killing innocent others,
The national love was lost for four long years!.

Hate and sadness flowing,
No happiness showing,
The Civil War created the sound of fear!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
wow! this is really good! :P its sad, but i can picture like the war, the trenches and all the gore!.!.!.lol!. i liked the rhythm and u were really good at rhyming!. im not an expert at poetry, but i think ur poem was really good!. and to me i think the message is war is bad, which i agree with!. :P and some ppl consider everyone there brother and sister in christ, i dont know thats just what i was thinking about!.!.!.lol!. good poem!. keep it up! :PWww@QuestionHome@Com

That is a very VERY good poem!!
It tells a really good, and really sad, story, and it really kept me interested!.
You are a good poet!Www@QuestionHome@Com

whats a death whetter!.!.!?
honestly!.!.!.!.!. this is truly awful!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com