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Question: What do you think of this college poem!?
I'm in english 101 with the coolest teacher ever, but I just want to know your opinion on this work!. Its titled: Death is only the beginning!.

Full moon, midnight, the lone wolf howls!.
Rusted graveyard gates open, now
Skies darken with satanic doom!.
And out from the den rises he!.

Death is only the beginning!
Life is only temporary!.
Satan doth bleed for us to suffer!.
Everlasting shadows of hate
Eclipsing graces' candlelight!.

See true light beyond the rusted gates!.
Cast your sins across the barriers
Of this existence into the next!.
Suffer now and in time you shall reign!.

The master- he is watching!.
Behind darkness is meaning!.
Behind him is a kingdom!.
Death is only the beginning!.

Calls unto him will be heard!.
Tears will soon be wiped away!.
Out from the midst doth he come!.
In you heart you shall believe!.

Of him you were born!.!.!.unto him you shall die!

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How true!. I love it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com