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Question: Can words (poetry!?) be conveyed through a Single Image Random Dot Stereogram!?
"Sharing Sand"

Inside your words reflection,
I'm caught in its refraction;
sends my mind to distraction,
as I consider my next action!.

This maybe a giant leap,
to express a thought so steep!.
It might be considered deep,
why this relates to my feet!.

You see I've trod upon the earth,
since arriving from my birth;
strolled down estuaries firth,
curled toes swirling in mirth!.

And I know somewhere close by,
barefooted you watched the sky;
footprints indenting wet sand,
on your journey through this land!.

I know my footprints were there too,
perhaps not the time as you!.
The scattered sand has blown away,
no ones presence ever stays!.

Memories now all that's left,
from when nature committed theft;
scattered sand inside your words
like pictures inside of SIRDS!.

and I smiled, no!.!.!. not because we shared the sand!.
!.!.!.it's because I realized we did!.

SIRDS: Single Image Random Dot Stereogram,

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
So, you waited the entire poem to spring "sirds" and then have it rhyme with words!. lol I like the poem and the progression of the thoughts, the ending though!.!.!.SIRDS is technically correct but poetically to me!.!.!.mixed!.

Edit: Sure!. The word or acronym SIRDS is what I protest to, thats all!. And that is just my opinion, you as the poet pen your words!. If you like it, stay with it the word!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

"And I know somewhere close by,/barefooted you watched the sky;"
Really hit me hard, for I AM barefooted at the moment watching the sky!.
I thank YOU for giving my children that!.

I like this poem
It came with the realization
!.!. that I was smiling when I read it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I never met a Marine
who had such a lovely heart!.
This really "got" me!