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Question: What website is good for posting poems on it!?
I have written 3 poems and I want to put them on a website!. What good website do i put it on!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I'm not sure about any good ones, but I do know you should stay way from http://www!.poetry!.com because it's a giant scam!. It doesn't matter what the quality is of your poem!. It will mysteriously get selected as one of the best poems they've ever seen, and if you want them to they'll send you a copy of the book it's being published in, though the book almost never arrives, and if it does, it's in poor condition, not the handsome leather-bound copy that's promised!. also, somehow, every poem that you submit is chosen as the winner of their national contest, and all you have to do to actually get the money is to pay for your own plane ticket down to Orlando and pay your own way into Disney World, then pay an additional fee to read your poem!.

You could always start your own website through Geocities!. That's what I did!.

There's also http://www!.fictionpress!.net which is run by Fanfiction!.net, only for original poetry and fiction!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Try posting your poems on


Sart a blog at wordpress!.com you can post anything you want ther!.