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Question: What do you think about these poems!?
I need you
By: Pepsi Man
i need you
i swear its true
ever since that day
i dream about you everyday
i have you on my mind
and i wish you were all mine
your smile drives me crazy
its makes me think of daises
the sparkel of yours eyes
it makes me feel like the sky
your beauty overall leaves me in awe
i swear you have no flaws
i hope you see
how much i need
to be with you
til we say adieu

Just When
By: Pepsi Man

Just when i think i have all the answers you change the questions
to leave me alone in depression
just when i have gained confidence in myself to be with you
you do things to make me blue
just when i realized you're the one for me
you just let me be
just remember you will always be in my heart
even if you depart

Just When V!.2
By: Pepsi Man
Just when i think i have all the answers you change the questions
and go get yourself a boyfriend
and leave me in depression
i just dont aprehend
i see you and him together
i wish it was me
you leave me at the end of my tether
you make me feel like a nobody
but you'll always be in my heart
i will always be your friend
even if you depart
til the very end!.

give me your opnions and how i can improve themWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:

EDIT: ok I was a bit vague sorry!.!.!.!.um just try and use more metaphors throughout the poem and try and keep the readers guessing more then you have now!.!.!.if you get me!.

It's a good start, so keep writing and expressing your self!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

his right, read this!.

My thoughts like vultures circle the remains of your memory
The prey is my love for you, why it does not die I do not know
My heart betrays me, but I can not betray my heart!.
Dreams can’t be reasoned with; the past can not be swept under the carpet
The mere mention of your name rips the mask of indifference from my face!.