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Question: Poem Winters beauty What do you think!.!?
Winters glimmers as the cold ice shimmers
Earlier morning's coming down'animals sleeping all around!.
While my furry friends disappear
I'll see them in the another year!.
Spring will come before to long
smelling the clean sweet air 'makes me so happy and calm!.
I won't miss the red hot sun
as winters are so wonderful and fun!.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Judith's answer shows the support and encouragement
we look for here on this site!.
Sure it may need some "fixes" here and there
but anything from the heart expressed with such sweetness
and love for a son should be seen for what it is!.


I love anything with animals and nature in it!.I love furry friends!. !.I have two rabbits in my yard!. I call them Hoss and chocolate!. They have cute white tails!. I have two squirrels also!. I call them Shirley and Sherlock!. I had three broods of American Robins!. I named all of them,
Your poem is beautiful!. Anytime a poem can take you somewhere else for a short while then you have done a good job!. You are such a nice person!. It sounds like it came right from your heart!. Your son is a very lucky boy!. I hope he is doing better!. Good Luck!. If you ever need any help!. Just write!.
Edit: Thanks Ma!. It`s good people like Cami and you that makes me want to wake up every morning and still come on to Y&A!.!. ThanksWww@QuestionHome@Com

honestly!? not too good!.
work on it!.!.!. rephrase and reword after reading it aloud to yourself!.!. you'll find statements that are out of place, awkward and unorginial!.
but with some more work, i could see this being a great piece!Www@QuestionHome@Com