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Question: What do you think!? *please leave comments*!?
Motion and wind fail to exist
and I am left standing on my own!.
The air is still, the ground isn't there!.
This world has yet to be created,
there isn't a mark, or a voice to speak of!.
It is all my own!.!.!.
My world or so you might call it,
is everything I could ever want and yet
nothing at all!.
I'm stuck here because reality is too cruel!.
Everything is as I want it and only because
I say so!.!.!.
Sometimes there is blood dripping,
sometimes there is nothing,
sometime there are voices!.
It is prison!.!.!.
My insanity!.
Some days I want to leave, but most
I want to stay!.
He is always here, but there he is always gone!.
Nothing is more perfect than the clay by which I mold,
nothing is more normal than the sights I behold!.
If I want to watch a murder, I can let play!.
If I want to save the world I can let stay!.
Everything can repeat, most can even stop when I want!.
But his face never goes, never stops dancing through my mind!.
His voice never stops playing in the background,
It is killing me slowly but for that I am grateful!.
My delusion I will never leave you!.!.!.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Cool, seems like you're a passionate person, there's some desperation and anger, as if in the writing you were ruled by this intense feeling!. Irascible!.

I particularly liked the first line: Motion and wind fail to exist

Yes, it may need a little work with shape and rythm in some parts but the general feeling that it gives to me is that you wrote it as it was dictated from your mind - with just a little edition!. But that's the point of being intense and feeling something with visceral anger!.

I wouldn't want to be in that guy's shoes, sure he'll have his *** kicked one of this days :DWww@QuestionHome@Com

Luv It!!Www@QuestionHome@Com