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Question: My Time Has Come - Poem!?
I wrote this poem back in 2004 and won a award for it on creative-poems!.com!. I just want to post it here to see what everyone think of it!. Please be honest and tell me how it sounds!.

"My Time Has Come"

It's been such a long time coming,
But now I must say my last good byes ,
Don't cry at all for my passing,
I'm going to heaven to see the nice sunrise!.

All the pain that i've been through,
will go away as soon as I walk in heaven's gate,
I know you'll miss me & i'll miss you too,
To see god & his angel's will be so great!.

I don't have to worry any more,
About anything that I once did,
My life is so much better then ever before,
None of my feelings now have to be hid!.

Please forget all about me,
I'm in heaven now with everyone I Love,
My soul has been set free,
Think of me as being your new angel from up above!.

For each tear you let hit your pillow at night,
Wipe Those tears away and remember i'm in a better place,
Oh the feeling of being free up here in heaven is a delight,
I'm up here by god's loving grace!.

Link to the poem & award: http://creative-poems!.com/poem!.php!?id=73!.!.!.
? 2004 DanoWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
I really enjoyed the poem and the music was so perfect for it!. I think you have a gift for poetry and should pursue it!. Disregard what the other 2 idiots above wrote!. Some people refuse to acknowledge their feelings!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well written yet reflective of the basic human fear, Death!.
Optimism is foolish in this area!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You needed to add a line about aidsWww@QuestionHome@Com