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Question: What are pros & cons of posting your poetry here on Yahoo Answers!?
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Pros: tons of sincere, honest and down to earth people who will probably give you great feedback

Cons: Immature responsesWww@QuestionHome@Com

you get feedback, and its pretty much anonymous so if you are afraid to show it to your friends you can post it here!.

you do get idiots who are only answering for points!.!.!. that bugs me a lot!. or people who dont answer and just post a link to their question!.!.!.

there is a better site for posting poetry, its like myspace for writers!.
its called writerscafe!.org


I believe that there are only "cons"!. Somebody said that people were brutally honest-they're not!. Most of them just leave a comment of a line saying they liked it, very few bother to back up what they are saying, because what's the point of it!? Even if you post the fact that the poem is not good in the description and that you need help to improve, they still say they like it lol!.
Brutal honesty is the single most important thing in feedback!. Only in this way does a poet evolve!.
www!.eliteskills!.com is a great site to post poetry-there are some people there who really take their time to analyze your poems!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Pros: Get audience feedback

Con: People may try to take your poems as their but I have already copyright mine before I post on the internet!.!.!.

I have put a few of mine here already!.!.!.to get feedback and it was good!.!.!.some was brutal and I didn't like it but that's what I asked for!.


pros One can get constructional feedback and criticism
to get help on wording
lines or the whole thing!.

cons: There will be someone who thinks they are perfect
and ream the other person out!.

also other people who think they can steal the other persons
poem and call it their own!. (Plagiarism)

Idiots would steal their work and publish it as their own!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If they are unpublished anyone can clam them!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

People are brutally honest!? xoxWww@QuestionHome@Com