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Question: Dark poetry anyone!? =P!?
Okay this is like the evilest poem I've ever written!. It scares me to read it sometimes!. And it's kindof long!. Criticize! =]

A dark night approaches,
Everyone is aware!.
They stay inside,
As if to prepare!.
But it will not help them!.
They will all die!.
i will sit and watch,
i’ll laugh as they scream and cry!.

i watch a child try to drift to sleep,
Worried of the monsters under his bed!.
He doesn’t see the truth,
i’ll be the one to see him dead!.

i creep through his window,
Hearing his heart beat!.
He tries to plead with me,
But he’s just something to eat!.

He huddles in the corner,
Staring up at me with frightened eyes!.
i laugh at him,
Drinking up his fear and surprise!.

He gets up to run,
But i was already at the door!.
He tried to scream,
i left him dead on the floor!.

i watch a girl alone in the woods!.
She’s lost, alone in the dark!.
i come in for the kill,
But in the blackness, dogs bark!.

i follow the sound of the dogs,
They are annoying me!.
My kill was postponed,
They will die, you will see!.

i see the fence that they’re behind!.
They’re chained up,
All three of them!.
Now there’s not enough left to fill a cup!.

i go back to the girl,
But she has gone!.
i get an idea, then smile,
She won’t be alive for long!.

i walk down the sidewalk,
Looking quite harmless!.
i was going to kill the girl,
i was going to leave her armless!.

i could smell her fear,
She was close by!.
She was going to beg at my feet,
Then she was going to die!.

i watch her open her front door,
Unaware of the danger!.
She sees me,
But i’m just some stranger!.

i climb up to her window,
As my stomach starts to growl!.
She lies awake in her bed,
More dogs begin to howl!.

But they will not stop me,
She will die this time!.
it will be painful and slow!.
it’ll be a horrendous crime!.

i jump into the room,
Walking over to the bed!.
She stares up at me with her blue eyes!.
So pretty, i thought,
Before i pulled them out of her head!.

i still wasn’t full,
As i left that blood red room!.
i’m going to kill them all!.
i will lead them to their doom!.

i watch a mother,
As she tucks her child in to sleep!.
i smell the child’s flesh,
And i creep into the room without a peep!.

The child sees me
And tries to alert her mother!.
Her mother does not care,
For she is just a bother!.

i ponder on which to eat,
And decide the child should live!.
Her mother was evil,
A chance to her, i would give!.

So when the mother leaves,
i leave with her!.
She was going to die
For her wrong doings,
That i was sure!.

i knocked her out from behind,
Making sure she wasn’t dead!.
Her child should watch her in pain!.
She should watch her evil, evil mother,
Be killed by me, be slain!.

i dragged her into the child’s room,
And she stared up at me!.
She had the same eyes i used to have,
Pain, confusion, and sadness in her eyes!.
i was going to take that from her, so she would see
The fun of others demise!.

i took out a knife from my pocket,
Her little eyes watched every movement of it!.
i held it up to the woman,
And saw the reflection of her neck!.
The child smiled,
That was a good omen!.
So i sliced her neck and she died!.

The child next to me screamed…
Then looked up at me and laughed!.


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You must be very young!. Only young people talk aboiut death like that!. Death and pain is very real!. The world is full of it, and you will find out that it is not something to make morbid poems up about!. Have fun, enjoy your life! Today will never come back!. If you wallow in this kind of thing it will give you a permanent mind set that way, especially when you are young and impressionable!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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