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Question: You hurt me I can't breath!?

You Hurt Me To The Point

You hurt me just until the point where it stayed
The pain will never go away
And there in the dark recesses of my heart
Are the torn peices where you announced your part
Look me in the eyes
Does it look like I want to cry!?
I do
And its over you
The bad memmories simply remain
And they replay themselves over and over again
Im be, ing disentegrated inside
And there you stand overwhelmed with pride
While I lay here, life pouring out of me, exposing my newly pale face
Lillies and white lace
Adorn my spirit scorned

You hurt me to the point where the agony rooted itself deep into me
And like a weed destroyed my living being
Your wrecking my mind with a giant steel ball
Its peircing my insanity, and demolishing it all
you have my neck in your vile thrall
And you've unintentionally rewired my brain
So when they whisper your name
I go compltely insane
Ill never be the same
Instead Ill be the girl that let you in
The girl who no matter how hard she tries, will never win
You are her greatest sin & her longest regret
Hardest to forgive, hardest to forget

You hurt her to the point where the dejection enthralled every bit of her laughter
And this poor girl could never smile after
So Ill devise a plan; to ease my soul
Slit my wrists, and easy goal
Watch me now as the remnants spill out
You took the rest so only tainted nothings were left without a doubt
& watch me now as the choir sings
Pipe organs, chimes, loud and clamoring
Watch me now as the people weep
Then onto their faces solemn sorrow creeps
& watch me now, as the bells ring so loud
Tears and gasps among the crowd
Their lowering me into the ground
Are you watching now!?
And even though now Im dead
Cut wrists and bullet in head
Rememeber you caused this
And the pain will NEVER go away


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
if your heart is broken, then through that poem so is mine!.
it's beautiful!. i don't know what to say except it's beautiful and that if u really r heartbroken then u have my deepest sympathies!. it's one of those poems that the authors emotion just creeps into your soul!.
it is truly beautiful and i'm sure everyone will say that!. i just absolutely love it because it's so!.!. beautiful and then i hate it because it's so sad but that makes me love it even more!. u've really captured the the audience there girl!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

wow!.!.!. simply amazing!.
the words articulately joined together in a somewhat seemless chain of poetry and deep emotion!.

thankyou for sharingWww@QuestionHome@Com

Absolutely Beautiful!.

If someone has hurt you, I'm so sorry!. You have all my sympathies!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

yes the pain never goes away, it's very well written and will find an echo in many hearts which have been touched by pain!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

that was so amazingly beautiful!. i know of all those feelings of heartbreak!. :(Www@QuestionHome@Com

This was amazing
Keep up the good workWww@QuestionHome@Com

my heart goes out to youWww@QuestionHome@Com