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Question: So you like this ! !?
I lie among the darkness
Wait to bleed, to die
I wish for pain
The suffering sadness
Of the anger lost inside
It tears me up to think about
The lost souls today
The hurt and bewilderment within
Guides them different ways
I can't imagine something real
Something there
Coming for me
It isn't man, it isn't woman,
It sure as hell isn't me
I can't place among them all
Which one to choose directly
So I settle amongst them all
And weep along side the wretches
Oh soul! Oh soul!
Why have you decieved me!?
My heart is filled with painless tears
My mind cannot forgive me
I cannot place upon my head
A crown of thorns like he,
I cannot put a cross on my back
That cross stands for sanctity
I am not a saint
No, far from that
But I tell you this and tis true
I am a believer of the higher One
The One to come and save me
The wretched pain of this world is enough
For me to bear alone
I find relief in those who confide
Their troubles much like my own
So darkness surrounds my pale body
Wraps it forever in night
The light cannot evade me
It cannot break the fight
I will not succumb to your silly beliefs
Your detailed re-enactments
True there's nothing I can do
But nothing for you to catch it
The bug has bitten you oh so fast
It's caught you by the mouth
Bites you every time you lie
Bites you with every shout
Live the peaceful life with me
In the darkness
Among the trees
You cannot fight
There is no need
Just listen up
And hear my creed!.


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
A bit argumentative, not sure if that was your intent!. I often look for light after the darkness!. Is that your goal here!? Like the space it fills, though!.Www@QuestionHome@Com