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Question: People who like poetry please help!.!?
see i have a huge assignment and i need help!. Please if u r going to answer this answer it right please!. This is a 500 point project!. If i do good i will have a A but if I do bad and get a F the most i can raise it to is a D so please only answer this if u like poetry or no what to write!. ok here is the question WRITE A POEM OF AT LEAST 10 LINES!. THIS SHOULD DESCRIBE WHAT POETRY MEANS TO U!. PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT SOUND ALL WEIRD PLEASE!. THANK U AND ONLY SMART 8 OR HIGHER GRADERS ANSWER THISWww@QuestionHome@Com

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If you really want help you can e-mail me, but I can't write the poem for you!. That would be unethical!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

An acrostic poem is very easy to write!. You do not say if you have a rhyme scheme or not!. So find one or more words that total 10 letters and then you can write your poem fairly easily!. Something like Paint Words: Stanza breaks wherever you need them, completely free form with some of none rhymes!. This is a talking poem!.

Paint Words
by Victoria Tarrani
((c) 08!.08!.28)

Poetry is magical; filled with carpet words that fly
and take me into emotions I've never felt!.
It would take a master's touch to discover
new forms!. I find that I love the rhythm
that threads through a poem!. It
winds around me, filling me with wonder
or takes me into the past with pirates,
rakes, dukes and kings!. Even a short
dream can become a poem or lyrics to
sing; sometimes bluesy, sometimes rock!.

Be aware that what I have just written has my copyright; so if you were to use it you would have to add the copyright, which would show that you had not written it; guaranteeing the F!. The poem is not especially good, and I will work on it!.

I hope you see how easy an acrostic poem is -- they practically write themselves!.

Good luck
T!. (graduate with a BSCS)