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Question: PoEm Is It AnY gOoD!?! !?
My friends cousin wrote this and she wanted me to post it, tell her if its any good!.!.!.I think its okay!.!.!.well its fairly good!. Its her first poem she wrote!. shes writing a story and the girls name is Natalie in the book and my friends cuz wrote this for her story!.!.


You crushed my dreams
You crushed my hope!.
What else is there to ruin!?
You dont believe me
You dont respect me
You dont even listen to me,
How can i love you!?
You turnt my world upside down
You abandoned me in my time of need
Im not your daddys little girl anymore!.


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
it is a pretty good poem!.!. sounds like she was mad at her dad when she wrote it!.
one grammar mistake though!.!. change the 'turnt' to turned!.!.!.

reminds me of one of the George Lopez episodes where Carman goes to a poetry slam and writes a poem about her dad (george lopez) that is called my daddy!.!.!. it starts out similar to this one: daddy dream crusher, etc!.


It's good if you're not planning on publishing it, because it sort if has a depressed feeling when you read it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com