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Question: A sudden twist in new CREEPY poem!.!.!.!.did you see it coming!?
i wrote this this afternoon

wandering a field, my strength was half dead
so there lie a tree to resy my weary head
along the past of deepest sleep
came colors of red, blue, yellow and green
first appeared in a colorful blur
dull as the night clouds covered the earth
as blue tried to rise and green sat below
red in the sky turned to merlot
the sun fell far from the bright yellow rays
completing the cycle of one other day
as focused as all the beauty had seemed
one blurry spot seemed to be haunting to me
the figured outlined approached with a song
her hair had the breeze singing along
with dirth on her gown and all over her face
i quickly ran to offer my aid
the closer i got, the better i knew
there was blood on her face and down to her shoe
collapsing head-first i feared she had died
so i lifted her up from where she had lied
a whisper came forth from her ruby red lips
that said "i killed the man that tried to do this"
i brushed back her hair out of her eyes
her gaze me see the and slowly realize
the green in her iris made me believe
the one she had killed was really set free
i asked his description to be clear as can be
she said "the man who i killed is holding me"
aaron ray cochranWww@QuestionHome@Com

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I liked it a lot as it has a great subject and really dark!.!.Nice too!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

haha, nice xD star for you!Www@QuestionHome@Com