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Question: My poem, The underground railroad, comments!?
Tice David's a name you will now know
From Kentucky he tried to make Ohio
With his Master behind not loosing site
Just a river to cross then hide in the night

He then disapeared, no one would tell where
He now smelt how sweet was freedoms night air
And from that time his story was told
That somehow he found an underground road

And from that day a phrase formed their plight
An Under Ground Railroad was named for that night
These trains had no course or a set track
These parcels just knew what lies to their back

Now Levi was penned as the rails President
Because 2,000 stayed at his residence
They all had some names for who carried the cause
But they just really cared, that's just what is was

But don't think this train was buried back then
All over this world it is born again
Wherever it's needed these wheels will still roll
Some wanted North, and some now want Seoul


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I'm very impressed! That's not the easiest theme to write a poem about!. If you don't mind telling us, are you doing this for school!? If yes what grade are you in, and may I save it and share it at school!?Www@QuestionHome@Com