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Question: 2min poem i can memorize for school!?

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"jabberwocky" - by: Lewis Carroll

it's avery interesting poem that will leave your classmates in a daze!. easy to remember!. there's a lot of good rhymes

good luckWww@QuestionHome@Com

Here are a few short poems I wrote, easy to remember!.!.!.

Change, change round & round,
What ever goes up must come down!.

When you make decision, be sure they are sound!.
Where can the answers be found!?

Change, change round & round

Butterfly Flutter by & make my day a little bright,
Please, flutter by & make my burdens a little liter!.

Butterfly Flutter by, help me to see the simple & the innocent thing,
Please, Flutter by & help me see all the goodness brings!.

Day Dreams
A spider spinning daydreams, another day is gone,
The meadow beyond the mountains, the sun shinning at dawn!.
What a spider dreams about no one has a clue,
But aren’t we all spinning daydream, How about you!?
A spider is mysterious about the web she spins,
When she is finished the day dream comes to an end!.
Some webs are large & some are small,
One thing is for sure, as she spins her web she has a ball!.

Hope you can used one of them!.!.!.
They are just cute little peoms!.!.!.

i had to do that in 6th grade! :D
i still remember it and it was really easy!
its pretty gay though :P
its called i think mice are nice

i think mice are rather nice
they're tails are long,they're faces small
they haven't any chins at all
their ears are pink, their teeth are white
they run around the house at night
the nibble things they shouldn't touch
and people don't seem to like them much
but i think mice are nice


you could probably add a few words to make it longer if you need to

Any memorable clip from Shakespeare would count (since his plays are all really poetry)!.

"We Few, We Happy Few" (Band of Brothers), comes to mind!.
"Friends, Romans, Countrymen" - Julius Ceasar!.
"Lord, What Fools these Mortals Be" - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Or if you're feeling goopy, something from Romeo And Juliet
(Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thow Romeo!?)

By the way, I second "Jaberwocky" as above, or any of the other rhymes from the Wonderland series!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hmmm!. 2 minutes!? Well I love Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay" but that might only take 1 minute!. Talk really slowly!Www@QuestionHome@Com

The Road Not Traveled- Robert Frost or Nevermore- Edgar Allen PoeWww@QuestionHome@Com