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Question: Semi-poem your thoughts please =)!?
hi i just wanted to hear what you guys think of one of the poems I've recently written while i was bored!. PLEASE no ***-hattery here i don't really need it!. I know that the punctuations in my grammar are pretty much non existent so please don't comment on that just look at the words and tell me if you feel them or not!.!.
please be honest just not too brutal aha =P

here goes nothing!.!.

the title is I Don't:

i don't understand you
maybe i never will
why were you never there
you've failed to notice
all the things inside me
hurt for you
you're attention
but why was it me that was affected!.!.
by you being selfish
you only care about yourself
you always will
now that you've gotten so sick so quickly you want me to be there
cause you know you're all alone
i can't do that and get attached again
don't you understand what it does to me!?
you're too blind to see
the only one you're hurting is me
maybe i should be there
i don't know when your final days are
i don't even know if your still here
i hope and pray before the day comes you'll see
ALL that you've done to me
my inside's will never purely become what they once were
I've rotted from the inside out
without you there to see
you didn't even call me
you came once when i was sick yet
you blew me off for a business trip
I've lost a lot yet you don't seem to care
the empty promises don't go unnoticed
the tone of you're voice says it all to me
don't lay it out
you don't have to say it
if you don't want it don't have it
but think again when you want me by your bedside
so i can ease your pain
you've never done anything for me
so don't expect warm hugs and all the attention
when it all goes to **** you only have yourself to mention!.

anyway here it is Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
It has a lot of emotion in it, but it doesn't take that long to get to the point instead of listing all the things they did wrong or didnt do, and it gets a little confusing, sort of like a rant, but you definitely have the emotion for a really good poem!. Www@QuestionHome@Com