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Question: A poem, time always goes forward right,Comments!?

There once was a man who began so I'm told
Living life from the opposite end!.
You see he started out full of cares and very old
And proceeded to get younger my friend!.
He was burdened with a life full of grief and strife,
Knowing too much to be known!.
At the pinnacle of success in his life
He began to work his way down!.
When he at last reached middle management,
He got a wife and kids fully grown
Lost his house and began paying rent!.
The kids left, leaving theirs,
So he raised them as his own
Joined the PTA and took part in Science Fairs!.
In the town he became quite well known
As quite a party guy, just a kid at heart!.
I really don't know why, perhaps it is an art!.


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
A fun spin with end rhyme!. Clever approach!. You might want to stay with a more consistent beat pattern to help with flow!. The line with 'middle management' did not seem to flow as well!. also the line with'Science Fairs!." Still, a fun read!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

He started out paying 5 dollars a gallon for gasoline, and wound up paying only 21!.9 cents per gallon!. I hope he saved his retirement til he got young!.

Ooh, I thought it was Exceptionally great!.

You are a great writer!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I hate growing young with the West!.