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Question: Write me a poem about being itchy!. Best poem gets 10 pts!!?
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
After I scratched my arm,
I had to scratched my hand,
And after that was satisfied,
My calf cried for attention and

My back where I couldn't reach it
Would have loved a little scrutch,
So I did my best by swatting at
A place I could not touch!.

And when that went I found the arch
On the bottom of my foot
Itched like seven devils,
But I couldn't undo my boot,

I swore that never again
Would I go near poison oak!.
I don't mind watching someone itch,
But for me it is no joke!.

Im itchy!.

Down my body!.
Everywhere it itches!.
Kinda scary!.

Its red and bumpy!.
Moist and lumpy!.

Now its bleeding!.
And more of the burning!.

I wish I wasn't so damn clumsy!.
Cause I fell in poison ivy!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

aarrgh! that itch!
it's a *****, that itch

crawling, scitching, burning, scream - aarrgh!
(almost as insistent as a bee sting)

that itch, that !. !. !.

better than sexWww@QuestionHome@Com

The itch that didn;t go away!.

It was like a spark!.

Before I knew it it was all over!.

Sooner then I knew it had grown!.!.!. that's it!.
The itch was here and it was too late!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

it crept up my spine,
and down my chest,
i tried to scratch,
i did my best!.

but my best didn't cut it,
and now i have this itch!.
this unscratchable thing,
is really a *****!.

haha there ya goWww@QuestionHome@Com