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Question: My poem about Agatha Christie - finished now!. What do you think!?
A colonel with a big moustache
A vicar's dotty wife
An actress somewhat past her prime
!.!.!.a smeared and bloody knife

The chiming of a churchyard clock
The roses round the door
A cup of tea and seed cake
!.!.!.a body on the floor

A plush hotel in London
A cabin on the Nile
The 4!.15 from Paddington
!.!.!.a killer's twisted smile

The It girl and the playboy
The doctor and the spiv
A dinner gong at half-past eight
!.!.!.just one of them will live

The country pile, the London pad
The tent in Istanbul
The villa in the South of France
!.!.!.the corpse beside the pool

The portly man with patent hair
The spinster with her knitting
The fiendish plot all figured out
!.!.!.those wee grey cells permitting

Never has there ever been
More charming tales of crime
The world you gave us, Agatha
Has not been lost with time


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
A very good offering in classic ballad stanza form, my favorite form!. This is one of the best I have seen in a while, and to be honest, I am a bit envious seeing as how I am a big Agatha Christie fan!. Well done and a star!. That one might get you into the new tangled web book, who knows!.

Bravo will you look at mine 9 out of 10 clever and excellent attention to detailWww@QuestionHome@Com



If someone had never read one of her books, after reading your poem they would want to read them!.Well done, a great tribute to a wondeful

You should publish!. Www@QuestionHome@Com

I believe you have charmed us all by your poetry! Very nicely done!!

NICE POEM ,Www@QuestionHome@Com

omg that poem is really cool
you should be a professional poet :D
10/10 frm me :D
ur mint