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Question: What would you name this poem!?
He Still Loves You!
The L-rd Loves us from before we ever came to be,

from the time we were conceived!.

While we grow up and took our bumps

When we rebelled and went our own way

We have returned to him and he still loves us!.

Yeshua never rebelled, and yet took bumps and bruises and mocking and slapping

with out deserving any of them, We as mankind did this to him our Savior and Yet

he still Loves and continues to Love us!. How much more we should Love our fellow man

be it our friends mates or enemies, regardless of the hurt or pain they may cause us!.

It is un comprehendable to me that one can turn on to another human being as one does over

minor offenses, when look at the the offenses mankind has made against our L-rd and he

still Loves us!.

He was perfect , humble and Loving at all times

follow him, he is your example and savior, and the one you save might not only be yourself but

some one who is watching you, be it your friend, or mate!.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Great poem! I would name it Unimaginable Love!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I enjoyed that very much!.!.!.your love for HIM is so pure!
Vanilla Lace gave a great suggestion!.!.!. I would vote with her on that one!


I like the first one Unimaginable love That is just so perfect!.Www@QuestionHome@Com