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Question: What do you think about poetry!? writing poetry, songs, short stories, essays, etc!.!? do you like writing!?
does writing help you!?
help you vent!
i like to journal from time to time!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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i LOVE to write although sometimes i'm not sure that it's always very good!.!. i wrote a short story once that took place somewhere in the north during winter, and circled mainly around the aurora borealis or the northern lights!. that is my favorite kind of subject!.

i don't like essays much, as they usually tell you what to write about!.!.

i think music is a great way to say what you want to say!.!.

beta j!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I am a failed writer!. I wrote fiction from when I was 9 until I was 48!. I wrote poems, plays, novels, short stories!. When I was in high school I was unable to write in proper tenses, my spelling was atrocious and I used a lot of antiquated words!. but my teachers said I had some interesting ideas!.

In college my girlfriend offered to edit some of my stories!. She said I used waaay too much passive voice and my pacing was poor and I needed more descriptions in my stories!. She never finished a single project (editing wise,) for 25 years! I went to other editors, but they didn't FIX the stories, they handed me sheets of corrections, and when I was done typing them, they had twice as many errors because my reading comprehension level is 20%!. No editor would REWRITE for me, for 30 years!.

I wrote a really great story at 48 years old and sent it to the New Yorker!. They chose a corny joke piece instead, something a baboon could write!. I showed my ex-girlfriend from college this story!. She said it was passive voice, too fast and too little description!. She was right!. I haven't improved in 25 years!. If only people would have been HONEST about my lack of talent, I could have not wasted 40 years writing garbage!

I am not actually much of a reader, (20% comprehension rate!.) but I do like to read stuff on the internet and make some basic observations!. I have been very surprised by the number of really good poets trying their stuff out in Yahoo!. But I really think poetry is dead in America, so I don't know what people waste their time in here for!.

PS: It has been a few year since, and I decided for personal history, not art, to write my autobiography!. Using Word, I am able to weed out passive voice, and guess what!? Without the passive voice, my writing reads like total crap!Www@QuestionHome@Com

definitely helps!.
i like to write myself out of situations!.
like i'll just be so upset and my fingers will be like "I NEED KEYS" so i go to my keyboard and just start writing and it's crazy how it makes me feel so much better!.
but hey, it works!. and i'm glad i have it, i love it!. i've always wondered if other people have it too, you know!?Www@QuestionHome@Com