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Question: New poem!.!. read!.!. rate!.!.!. tell me what you think!. please!?
the obama campaign has lit a fire under my hindquarters so i feel like expressing myself!.

the wheels of the machine turn their treacherous gears!.
the biased media spins the truth and amplify our fears!.

the soldiers fight of their own fruition!.
America is being killed but not with ammunition!.

i thought i was safe, i thought i was free,
my independence is no longer a guarantee!.

call me crazy but i think i'm quite sane!.
Mr Obama is only playing the rockstar game!.

guitar hero is fine if you're still in your teens,
but this is America, a finely tuned machine!.

the puppet masters pull their strings,
and the nation dances their pirouette!.
Obama promises these fancy things,
but his real side is behind that silhouette!.

so pull your strings, oh master of puppets!
i'll stay in my house and hold on to my musket!.

and i'll wait for the day when we no longer know,
where our loyalties lie, and then i'll go;
go far away to a place where people grow,
and prosper in a place where people sow,
the beneifts of their labor, in their fields of plenty,
but i fear my friends, for my country, and fireside,
that something terrible has threatened my gentry!.

i just threw this together so lemme know what you think!. please don't let your political views affect the way you critique this!. i'm just speaking my mind and that's what the USA is really aboutWww@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
That's amazing! I haven't read poetry that eye-opening and heart captivating in a long time!. Good job!. It was really excellent how you tied in your emotions with reality and them formed it into a poem!. Your heart words were molded into the excellency of poetry!. Great poem, and keep on writing!


as always, and hopefully in the near future, i am still a fan!. your words are amazing! you are the puppet master of words!. so thak you for the show, oh great master of puppets in word form!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think that is so interesting that instead of you just saying what you feel, at the same time you turn it into something spectacular!. Great Job!Www@QuestionHome@Com

wow excellent!. i am very impressed!. i hope you keep writing!Www@QuestionHome@Com