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Question: Should rhyme be banned from poetry!?
On considering YET AGAIN the place of the rhyme in contemporary poetry

I’m swift losing count of the numbers debating
How valid today is the role of the rhyme
That this gift could amount to mere glib overstating
So palid they say, and so far past its time
To detract from, disguise a pure thought in its essence
And lead us astray up the old clichéd path
Or subtract (in some’s eyes) , from the author’s own presence
In deed some will say through the grapes of their wrath
that the rhyme is a hindrance, and must be discarded
But that’s coz they’re not very good at them and their timing sucks!.


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
The last line is very funny and unexpected!. You are an excellent rhymester!. Although not all poetry needs to rhyme, any would-be poet should at least know how to do so!. Meter, the "drumbeat of poetry," is also very important!. You have shown excellence in both as well as a sense of humor and irony!.

I don't think rhyme should be removed from poetry only because, it makes the poem flow alot easier!. But on the other hand poems can be good without rhyme, and most are!.

Whether you like to rhyme or not, I think both makes a good poem and should be considered being called a poem!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

This is not a very good poem, but your point is taken!.
Songs rely on rhyme!. Should we ban songs!?
It's only in the hand of bad or mediocre poets that the rhymes are clumsy or detract from the meaning!. This is one reason why free verse is so much easier to write!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Id argue, dear friend that the rhyme is a blessing
For those who can use it quite well!.
Though to use it and show it
For the amateur poet
Can be pure metaphorical hell!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Rhyme is the only thing that the popular ear can hear, or comprehend!. Don't take the child's toy away else it will cry!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i`m no poet ,
and i know it,
but if it`s told with no rhyme,
it will be just a story ,like i read at bedtime,
so keep them rhyming,
and stop me whining,



No because that's hip hopWww@QuestionHome@Com

If we discard poetry that has a rhyme
What am I going to do with my down time!?

Read your poem, thought it was very clever and funny and well-executed, and was dismayed that Elaine P said all that is necessary to say before I did!. (Hee, hee!.) However, I won't let THAT stop me!.

Regarding TD's comments about 'child's toys'!.!.!."We are but older children,dear, Who fret to find our bedtime near!." We all have our toys (Con-verbs, anyone!?), but some are different from others!. When a poem rhymes in a natural, unforced and clever way, it gives it a little extra shine!. And it's much more of a challenge to the writer!.

Now, if I was an egomaniac, I might suspect that TD's edit was directed at me!. Although as I'm not I know it isn't!. However, just to be clear, TD obviously thinks that I thought his main comment was directed at me!. I didn't!. I assumed it was directed at those who insist that a poem must rhyme to be a poem!. It's a valid, if arguable, point of view, and I think it unnecessary to demean them by suggesting they're infantile!.
So I said so!. Clear!?

Egomaniacs, mmm!. Would those who publish and promote their own work qualify for the description, I wonder!? That surely signifies a compulsion to be heard!. Discuss, anyone!?

Danny R, as I read it again it seems to ring some memory bells!. Is this your own work, or are you simply the presenter!? (Maybe I'm imagining it!.)Www@QuestionHome@Com