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Question: Why do humans make life so difficult for other humans!?
Ive been thinking about this so much, Why do we as the most advanced race on this planet make like so difficult for earth other, why do we have to social isolate people, hurt them, destroy their country's,kill their family's!. We live in a world where anything is possible but yet we are ruled by greed and jealousy!. Is it genetic!? or is it just the way things are!. Or if it were not this way how would be be able to appricite all the good things people do!. ( this is more of a blog but its worth asking )Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I was going to say, because we are selfish!. It is human nature to be selfish!. It is okay to be selfish to a certain extent--there is a 'good' selfish, and there is a 'bad' selfish!. We have to be selfish in that we have to take care of ourselves, preserve ourselves, or we can't take care of/help anyone else!. But when we try to take more than what is due us in nature, more than we actually need, and take and take for fear that we may never have enough, that is when all the conflict occurs and selfishness is abused and becomes greed!. It IS just the way things are, it is not genetic!. It has to do with the fact that we are all in different places in our spiritual journeys!. These greedy and jealous situations you speak of are actually oppurtunities for you to lead by example with acts of love, patience, and tolerance of others through these times, so that perhaps they may see the peace of mind you have found and follow suit!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yeah that's really deep, it is a social thing, it's fixable but not without severe action, plus it's strongly linked with jealousy as in "Why is he so happy, they have nothing to be happy about" or "How do they get by in life so much better, they don;t know what a struggle is" also come down to ricocheting emotions and childhood stigma's reinforced by parents and the outer world!.
There is a lot of chaos in the world but there is a bit of love in there too, you just gotta know how to look!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

We are the most advanced race on the planet!.
We are also multiplying beyond the resources available to support us,
especially in the manner to which we, in the West, have accustomed
What you see is competiton for diminishing resources!.
Almost makes me glad I won't be around too much longer!.
Hang on to your hats kiddies!.
It's gonna be a bumpy ride!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think a lot of people around the world, including here in America, are brainwashed at an early age that all life is competition!. We go out of our way to be the best even if we have to take it!. We live separate and don't trust others because they have the same kind of greedy little minds!. Only when we grow white hairs will we understand!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

For all the hurt that there is in the world, I like to think there is an equal amount of beauty and love, we just have to look for it!. With the state of the world today, your question doesn't surprise me!. We are all wondering "why all the hate!?" But we also need to know that this life is about learning lessons, and some of them are hard!. Here is a link to something you might enjoy reading!. I have it posted on my fridge and read it every time I'm feeling down! :-D


As long as we see our fellow humans as separate, we will continue to have these problems!. Once we realize we are not separate but the same, we are life, we are connected there will be change for the Better!. This is a great quote from the Bible "Love and do what you will"!.!.!.!.!. I am not Christian!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


it is easy to win when you don't play by the "rules"


this is an extension from the Prisoner's dilemma explaining dominant strategy


SEE TIBET for details


With all our accomplishments, we are still animals driven by fear; the answer is always fear!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

G It's the delusions of separateness and dichotomy!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Because most people are selfish and lack love and compassion for the rest of the human race :(Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think its because humans have no contentment in their lives!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I think some people are possesed by demons and thats what makes them do all those horrible things!. i doubt its genetic!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Thought provoking! I believe that for some, it is genetic or at least a predisposition of an inherited trait!. Children learn what they live and parents, relatives, teachers and others can have a big influence in how we begin to think about life and what is really important in life!. It starts , not only from the home, but we look to our leaders and emulate them!. They are to set an example, but oftentimes fall short!. It is in our upbringing and how we bring up our children and grandchildren that can make a difference!. It is our values and morals that we learned that make us greedy or not greedy!. Jealousy is being insecure about oneself!. When all is said and done, and we lose our health, all the money in the world cannot give that back to us!. All of us, no matter what age, can become disabled the next minute and lose all of our wordly possessions!. We cannot take them with us when we die!.
I do what I can to help as many as I can even though I have little!. I have always been this way and was brought up to appreciate others and the smallest of gifts that meant so much to me!. This is how I brought up my children too!. It is the thought that counts!.
I never pass a soldier, as I live near an Army Base and Air Force Base, without thanking them for serving our country!. Why can't we all do this regardless of whether you agree with war or not!? They are there risking their lives and they must do their job!. Many I have spoken to are proud to serve!.
I like to surround myself with honest and nice people as this is how I am!. I appreciate all the help or even say "Hello"!. It makes me feel better about people and that many still do care!. I give others the same respect!. I look to God for all the rest and ask Him to lead me in the right path!.
One person can make a difference and we should never give up trying!.Www@QuestionHome@Com