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Question: Help with Protagoras!?
He stated " the mind was nothing but the senses"!. What does this mean!? My interpretation of such is that he is arguing against the existence of reason!? If so is this even possible!? Help me understand this please!. If it helps Protagoras is a relativist, meaning that knowledge is relative to the observer, thus he doesn't believe in objective truths!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Perhaps not against reason completely!. Rather, against the idea that reason was some faculty that the senses informed in order to come to additional truths!. This position was held by Plato and Aristotle of course!. However, the rest of what you said sounds good though!. It surely does suggest that all we know is the particular things we are sensing at a given moment!. Therefore, I don't know whether my ex-girlfriend exists or not!. Why!? She isn't here for my senses to experience!. All we know, then, seems to be particulars!.Www@QuestionHome@Com