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Question: How can I be more self motivated, or produce the same results as a self motivated individual!?
I'm not a self motivated person, and I find myself lazing around doing nothing!. I've attempted at many different hobbies, none that I could be hooked on and keep going at it!.
I have a list of priorities that needs to be done, but I don't feel like doing them!.
It all just comes down to me not seeing a point in completing any of my projects, going to work, and sometimes the odd "why am I still alive" question pops into my head!.
But, I'm trying!. I just don't know what to do anymore!. I'm bored with life and sleeping seems like the only fun thing now!. I like dreaming!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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sorry for my bad grammer but i know what's the problem with you!. you haven't yet found out what u truely desire to do in life!. i don't say that u need to feel like doing this great thing or that great deed or invent something incredible!. i just feel that u havn't got to the point where u are convinced that "Yes! this is what i am upto"!. it can be anything!. even a crime!!! u know criminals are always busy with their filthy plans!. they r doing something!. that is just to explain to u !. pls don't go for a crime! u just need to awaken ur subconscious mind n ask it what do u really want!. and i bet u this asking is very simple and easy!. it has nothing to do with meditation or breathing!. actually u have a very clear cut idea of what u want to do but this idea is hidden in ur subconscious mind away from ur concious mind!. that is the only reason why u don't find interest in anything else because all these things are different from what u want to really do!. that's the most lucid evidence that ur subconscious knows what u want!. please read if u havnt read ' the power of ur subconscious mind' written by Dr!. Joseph Murphy!. it will give u the proven, scientific n easy methods to talk to ur subconscious n have answers from it!. all the best!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Wake up and respect yourself!. You are the only you out there!.!.!.you don't have to have a hobby!.!.!.I like just thinking, or just walking!.

The only way to be self motivated is to understand that you make every moment as good or as bad as you want!. And why would you chose to have a bad moment!?Www@QuestionHome@Com