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Question: What topic should I choose for my Medieval Philosophy class!.!.!.thesis is due in a few days!?
I'm thinking I might write about Augustine's metaphysics, however, I have to develop a point of view about his writings!. It's a bit intimidating to take on one of the best known Medieval Philosophers!.!.!.Any Ideas, advice, inspiration!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Realize that philosphy is not some egghead endeavor but rather a interest in making sense of things!. As having no philospohy of life is having a philosphy of life!. Make studying Augustine relevant which means try to connect the dots for your reader that knowing about Augustine and his thoughts is as impactful and meaningful today as it has ever been!.

Theology and religion are very intertwined in many ways!. I'd focus less on relgion and more on how Augustine was relevant, ie, what did he say that could help people in todays world!? The relgious angle is a dead end!. Focus on what he said still matters today or some of his ideas still matter!.

Or apply his philosophy/religious thoughts in a more secular sense!. For example, Augstine thought that passion for God meant a full life!. You could argue in his belief of the passionate and driven life!.Www@QuestionHome@Com