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Question: Does anyone know what this dream mean!?
Ever since i was a kid I always had a dream of someone chasing my family and I and about to kill us!. It is always some serial killer that I never get to see the face!. As a kid the person used to be someone in a sailors coat with a hook in his hand and that was before I saw the horror movies and now it is usually some one with a large knife or a chainsaw!. They want to kill me and my family, I have never seen them kill my brother or sister but in my dream i know they are death but whenever it comes to kill my mom i always distract it and it comes after me and before he can kill me i wake up!. please if anyone knows what this mean or what its related to please tell it has been happening for a long time and i believe it has some kind of meaning!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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There are two possible explanations to this dream!. The first, and most likely, is it is simply your conscience embodying your fear of your family getting hurt into a dream!. If it is that, then it has no meaning besides the fact that you care for your family a lot!.
The second, and far more unlikely, is that you have the innate ability of prediction!. I doubt your family will be hurt, and seriously doubt that they will be killed, but it may be your mind's way of interpreting the data that it is receiving from this extraordinary part of your brain!. Maybe they might get hurt, but from the way your dream sounds, your family will be fine, only hurt, not killed!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I would basically agree with karmic on this one but the fact that the dream is long recurring says to me the second option is more likely!. If you live on or near the west coast I would seriously consider moving but it kind of depends on how prophetic other dreams have been for you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It means that you watch too many horror movies!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

how do you know its a serial killer!?!? dodgy!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Maybe it's just a bad dream :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com

ok youre being chased from a mad man, I would think maybe this has grown since you were a baby maybe!.!. one parent giving you much attention and the other is holding you and you're screaming cause you wanna go back to mommy aww so cute!. Anyway my point is that this has obviously grown on you I think from your relationship with your parents and it doesn't have to be a scary horror movie really but your own indulgance however, I recommend you don't worry so much about it even if it has changed now to you running away from an axeman or something!. By the end of the day it's just a dream and to be honest dreams are only noticable because your mind is at ease!. The person who farted in the huge crowd was never as noticable as the person who farted sitting next to you watching the tv documentary about that!. "pour sugar through mesh wiring not all of it will pass through but you only notice this when the flow is at ease!." your brain gathers so much information in a day it needs the sleep but what you're left with is the lumpy sugar, so grind it and make it smaller :)
Positive thinking would help you a lot here, whether you seek a counsellor but in the meantime, think of the situation and don't think too long!.!. someone is chasing you with an axe but what you're not thinking of is!.!. what if the person isn't chasing you to hurt you but more so chasing you to give you the axe as a tool for chopping down the locked door behind you!. Yes that door which when opened leads to a lot of oppurtunities for the good!. I know I wouldn't be just standing there if a madman came hurtling towards me with an axe or chainsaw or whatever!. The trick is to play your mind, understand how the mind works, a challenge we are all facing!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

, You love your family,especially your mom,and there were some common insecurities, probably unspoken ( a mistake many parents make,not including the kids in reassurance of status type discussions ), in the family!. You felt hopeless,probably in some minor corner of your subconscious,or maybe helpless!.These kinds of little fears go right to the basic human "fight or flight"and as a kid,having no knowledge or heart for "fight"you do the best you can and you did very well Grasshopper!.You chose,even though scarred out of your wits,to divert the Boogy Man to chasing you instead of mom!.The thing with hooks,knives,saws,etc!.,they are just convenient images that give you the "creeps",your mind just picks one on the way to a dream!.Try this; 1!.Resolve in your mind that you are thankful for your life,your family,and all these old insecurities are settled and done with!.We are moving on!. 2!. Do this; in the middle of your dream,( I have done similar things ) actually,consciously,while still dreaming, STOP turn around and do something aggressive to Boogy Man and he will disappear!.If you can do that twice he'll give up!.Www@QuestionHome@Com