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Question: Quote referring to Manifest Destiny!?
According to Frederick Merk, "The doctrine of Manifest Destiny, which in the 1840s had seemed Heaven-sent, proved to have been a bomb wrapped up in idealism!."

(I'm actually trying to read up on idealism and am trying to figure out what he is saying about idealism in his quote!. Is idealism a good thing or a bad thing in this sense!?)Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Just my opinion, it is neither good or bad he is using it as and item, person, place or thing, a simple noun, knowing that he was not fond of change and believed people had their heads in the clouds he had a slight sarcasm to statement, but it is still placed as an observation and a thing!. Simply put, Manifest Destiny is you have no choices and your life or high point was already pre planned long ago and sent to you from a heavenly decent, Idealism is an idea or thought of an almost perfect world if we just allow the good to flow through us or see and acknowledge it, that all around happiness can ac-cure, but every one has their own interpretation and again as I said when I started this statement myself, this is just my opinion, happy hunting!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

idealism is ALWAYS BAD!. It leads men to justify some of the most monstrous crimes in existence!.Www@QuestionHome@Com