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Question: Are you for or against marriage!? I ask because i think it is !?
made up bu humans and not completely necessary!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I always said marriage was an expensive piece of paper!.

I felt that it wasn't necessary, and I still do!.

BUT- I'm getting married so something must have changed!.

I never thought marriage was important but with so many people splitting up and sharing the kids at weekends marriage seemed more important when I met my partner!. He really wanted to get married and I had no reason to say no- I intend to stay with him and start a family with him- so why not!?

I don't know what changed I just feel now like it's a great way of telling your partner- I'll always be here!. It's the ultimate act of commitment- children aren't the ultimate act because you can have a baby with a stranger- one night stand, sperm bank etc!.

Having a child is a MASSIVE deal, but it's a way of showing you have love to give, and are responsible and want to bring something great into the world- marriage is far more personal- it's a way of telling your partner you're in it for the long haul!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

This sounds like a very natural question, as in quite an innocent way it leaves a method for its own answering!. I do not know how else I could have said what I have, but this is true!. This is true that marriage is human social need so far best respected and best recognised my all cultures and by most people of all cultures, as well as religious denominations!. The institution of marriage is not only a social but also religious concept, wherever religion exists!.

This is true that marriage is a sort of ritualistic custom made up by us humans, but his is exactly why it is completely worthy of our full consideration and respect!. I myself would have objected to the idea if it were not originally human, if it was conceived into human existence, somehow, from somewhere in the outer space!. The purpose of marriage I believe is not merely to fulfil human need of procreation, or to enjoy each other, as nature alone is quite capable of this, but to discipline one of the most powerful of human instincts!.

If for instance there were only two people in the world even then they would need to formally express their desire and commitment to each other!. The institution of marriage therefore is for the good for the society, and therefore for each person therein!. It is a declaration, an assertion, a commitment or a promise publically made so that everyone may know, so that every may respect the relation and thereupon has objection whatsoever!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I believe in marriage as long as the couple getting married are doing it for the right reasons and not for the wrong reasons!.
If you are together with someone for a few years and you can't see yourself being with anyone else but that one person then yeah get married!. But if your jumping into it because you think your in love then no i don't think they should or if a child is involved and that's the main reason they want to marry then no again!.
You can buy a house being single ( i did), you can have children when your single ( its not fun being a single parent) the only thing a joint account is good for is to have two incomes in the account!. all these things are not a good reason to get married!.
Some day you may find someone that just makes your life complete and you can't see yourself with anyone else, i think you would change your mind about the whole last name thing!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Marriage legitimizes that union in the eyes of the state, which has certain benefits and and privileges!.

It also legitimizes the union in the eyes of the church, most which look down on un-wedded unions!. Some even look down on civil rather than church wedded couples!.

Yes, biologically it is not needed, and as said, could be an invention of men to control women!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Marriage doesn't mean the woman has or needs to change her name!. In fact more and more women are not doing it and it probably is a good idea that they keep their names!.

As for marriage it is a legal contract that was created to provide financial protection to the wife and children!. The protection for the wife is less an issue in today's world but the protection for the children is not going to go away!.

Marriage is often confused with being a religious or a love thing but in fact that is not true!. Nor is it a stigma to not be married and live together!. Although there are communities around the USA where a school teacher can be fired for not being married!. But if children are produced the woman is a fool not to insist on marriage!.

Since marriage exist for the protection of the children, the issue of gay marriage is a bit of a farce!. However, civil unions of gays so they can acquire the legal entitlements of married couples is a legitimate issue and should be supported!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Marriage is a part of life one has to go through, well there are options stay single, stay-in, live in with same gender, if you do not want to have a family & kids!. But in natural sense to enjoy blissful life the two have to be of opposite gender ie, Male & female where all natural resources of enjoyment are available, sex is one very important phase in life, the world lives for sex, the happiness in intercourse cannot be had any where!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I can see your point of view!. How there are couples that live together exactly like a married couple, only they're not married!. But I think for some people marriage really shows a lifetime commitent, and they just want a symbol of that!. And I think for a lot of people it is almost like taking a claim on someone so they are like prohibited for seeing anyone else and stuff like that!. But like you said, it would be just as easy to decided that between yourselves and that's that!.

So I would have to say I'm for it (for myself) because I just really like the idea and I have been dreaming of a wedding for as long as I can remember!. But it really is not nessicary, and people shouldn't feel like they have to get married just to be with someone else!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Marriage is intended to bring stability to your life!. A good marriage results in mutual trust and purpose to your joint lives!. I've been married 54 years and am completely happy - my wife enjoys exactly the same happiness!.
Marriage is not completely necessary but a good marriage etc!.!.!.!.!.!.!.
At the very least it is better the devil you know!
Whatever you decide I wish you a lifetime of happiness!. I do!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Where are the thousands you are paying which you wouldn't be paying anyway to buy your house!?
If you are talking of a big party to celebrate a wedding, that is the choice of the couple marrying; a simple trip to a Register Office costs far less!. It is also cheaper than making Wills in favour of the person with whom you intend to live!.
Couples have always been able to shack up and have kids without making a formal and legal commitment; my grandparents did because grandfather was already married!. There is no legal requirement to change your name on marriage!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Marriage may be made up!.
!.!.But so is religion!.

As humans we hold on to these symbolic unions whether they be with the one you love or with a higher power!. They help us figure out the world!.

I know some people who wouldn't get married because of the idea behind it!.!. but I don't really have any problem with it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i think marriage was invented so men could control women!!.!.!.if u think about it!.!.!.women don't even HAVE last name!.!.!.its always the fathers!!.!.!.anyway!.!.!.so i guess its pretty obvious i am never ever geting maried!.!.!.i don't like it!.!.!.i don't approve of it!.!.!.and i think women who change their name are selling out!!!!.!.!.but!.!.!.i don't tell oher people what 2 do!.!.!.or what i think is right is the same for evryone!!.!.!.people have free will for a reason!!.!.!.but!.!.!.i see no reason 2 get married!.!.!.because i have love and trust and an u nderstanding!.!.!.which is all u need 2 get by!!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

im for it!. i cant wait to get married however im not going to marry someone for the sake of it!. it isnt the most neccessary thing but it what people like to do to show to each other aand to friends and family that they are in love!. xWww@QuestionHome@Com

i personally will likely not get married, it's an institution designed to ensure care of children, transfer of property, and monogamy!.

"Living happily ever after" is a mythWww@QuestionHome@Com

Marriage is just a fancy piece of paper!. We just made marriage up!. Marriage is the biggest scam going!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Its part of your purpose of life!! if no one was going to be married its either humans would be extinct or people would be like animals !.!.!.!. people would be fighting over partners!.Www@QuestionHome@Com