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Question: Who here believes that there is a secret to life,money,happiness, and many other things!?
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There is much more to existence than most people even imagine!. Why are we here!? My answer is that we're slaves to capitalism, but that's another question altogether!. Money: as you go through life you will notice, time and again, that it's always the most dishonest, least intelligent who appear to have the most!. Maybe they do, I don't know!. Happiness, hmmm, to know true happiness you must understand true sadness!. Is our sole purpose to be happy!? Probably not!. Quality of life is what I find most rewarding!. Religion!. Nothing in the history of human-kind has caused more conflict and death and suffering than religion, so I don't think you ought look there!.

However, much research by me has informed me that life "does" continue when this body dies, and that that life is the existence that is true (do not kill yourself, what-ever you do!) We are placed into this realm for the purpose of learning!. We are judged in this realm on the nature of our conduct: from how we behave towards others and our concerns for the things that matter, not by how much money we have made when we again face whomever, at the pearly gates, at our demise!.

That's the short version of my answer!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The truth is that there is no secret to any of those things!. The only thing that can be done in order to succeed is to "explore every single alley"!. Let me give you an example!.

Most of us think that there is a secret to money, however there is no secret!. The only thing that makes money are risks, and risks are worthwhile even if it means that you will fail, which is something most of us are afraid of!.

Secrets, therefore, are not there because we are afraid of the unknown and we'd rather do something that will not cost us anything rather than do something in which we might have to risk something!. Life is like a poker game in that you never know what you can do with your hand if you don't wait until the bridge card appears, so you just have to know when to fold and ask for another hand!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Not likely!. If so we should already know it!. I bet it's something simple like, being happy with what we have, or not looking further than the task in front of us!. We all have dreams, I think I've always known what I want out of life, but one can't help running around looking for a shortcut, some secret!. Think it comes down to just thinking what needs to be done next, and buckling down!. No stress, only time I've found any sort of lasting calm!.

Of course there are lots of secrets to bucket loads of fun, usually come with dreadful hangovers though!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

your contentment,is a secret to happiness in life,just be happy with what you have!.And the secret to life money happiness is actually not a secret,he revealed Himself to us!. and that is JESUS!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Many secrets are obvious but nobody wants to believe them because they may be hard or require more of you than you want to give!.

rather like if you drop your keys at night and you look under a lamppost because the light is better even though you dropped the keys 20 feet away!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

the secret is being born with a silver spoon in your mouthWww@QuestionHome@Com