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Question: What does having a choice or not actually mean when you use it in a sentence 'being gay is not a choice'!?
A murderer is not a murderer until he commits murder!. Even if he has murderous feelings in his genes or whatever, if he doesn't act on them; he's not a murderer!. Hence, I think having a choice - when it comes to being gay - is whether or not you actually participate in homosexual acts!. If you are born with homosexual feelings, but don't act upon them; you are not gay (as is the case with being straight)!.

I feel every decision we make in our life is by our choice!. I feel that decisions in our life are like nicotine: somethings are mentally addictive/addicting, but we can still overcome them with the choices we make in our lives!. Smoking cigarettes can be overcome if a person is mentally strong enough!. Meaning a person can make a choice to quit!.

I feel that homosexuals are sexually attracted to their own sex!. It is a mental state, like nicotine produces a mental condition in a person!. I don't think it is like the physical condition heroin produces!.

I am not trying to say gays are wrong with their urges, I am just saying that homosexuality is a MENTAL condition/state (and most of the things in our life are mental states), and they can be overcome by making a choice!. I believe that in cases like heroin (which leaves behind a PHYSICAL condition), you do not have a choice as you will die if you don't; but in most other cases, you DO have a choice!.

I know of people who have fought their homosexual feelings (i'm not saying they're right in doing so) and are still living their lives!.

I know a lot of gays who tell me they don't have the choice to control their homosexual activities because they were born like that!. Is that right!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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You're right if you consider being gay the act of having sexual intercourse with a person of the same gender!. You're wrong if you use my definition which is being sexually attracted to a person of the same sex period!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Your entire premise is founded on your definition of a person being gay based on actually having committed homosexual acts!. But this is not so! If we can identify with being straight while still being a virgin, why could we not do so if we are gay!? It is the inclination to homosexuality, including attraction that defines homosexuality!. Therefore it is not a choice on who you areWww@QuestionHome@Com

They mean you are born being gay, or being straight, the way you are born black, white or brown!. They also mean that if two men were born gay and want to have sex, or two women were born lesbian and want to have sex, they should be able to, just like a man and a woman born straight should be able to have sex if they want to!. Note "Just like" - both parties should be consenting, honest adults!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Alfred Kinsey, after studying a few hunded thousand case histories over 20 years, says people seperate into roughly 6 groups!. About 17 out of every hundred people never has a homosexual thought in their lives!. Let's translate this into your "murder" scenario!.

If sex were murder, only 1 out of every 6 people would have no desire to commit murder!. A second one would have THOUGHTS about commiting murder on occasion!. A third is about HALF convinced murder is a good idea but errs on the side of NOT MURDERING most of the time!. The next person WANTS TO MURDER more than they want not to!. The next one WANTS ALMOST NOTHING but to murder!. The 6th person CAN'T CONCIEVE OF LIFE WITHOUT MURDER!.

Now what percent of them do you honestly expect to not murder!? Maybe 60%, maybe 70%!. But which such an overriding imperative, to expect NONE of them to murder is just stupid!. So in a demographic sense (not in an individual sense) some people ARE BORN to murder, IF there was a Kinsey Scale for murder!.

Half the population wants to be gay a little!. For many of them doing this or not is a choice!. For those near the ends of the spectrum, living as who they are is an imperative!. It is not a choice, FOR THAT SMALL GROUP!. Distinguishing actions from feelings only works if those actions are EVIL and then only to a degree!.

You correlation of homosexuality to murder is an insult to gay people!.

St!. Paul says "it is better to be celebate" but very few christians forgo their sexuality to satisfy their religion!. Why put that on gay people who DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IN IT!?

The distinction between feelings and actions is trite when talking about sexuality!. Sit in front of an ice cream sundae every day for the rest of your life and let it rot!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Your right!.!. From now on, just make a choice to go sleep with a guy!.!. Good luck!.!. Dont think so!.!.

Other peoples sexual interested are none of your business!. Get a real life!.!.

It is in their brain!.!. Its called Bio Chemistry!.!. they have the brain of a women!.!.!. that is why they like men!.!.!.!.

Look!. If you ask a man why he likes another man!.!. he will tell you that he sees the same way a women does!.!.!. HINT!.!.!. What does this tell you!.!.!. think about about!.!.!. This is his real sexual identity!.!. Biological identity; Their no feeling for breasts from these people!.!. When they see a women's hips!.!. Nothing!.!. GET IT!.!.!. Its not in them!.!.!.

their men with women's brains!.!.!. get it!.!.!. Da!.!.!.!.!.!.

And no!.!. im not a fruit Boy!.!.!.

If you are born with the sexual desire for someone!.!.Talk to God about it!. thats as fare as it goes!.!. Its no one else's business!. Period!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

being a murderer & being gay are two different things (obviously, but that's not my point)!.!.!. murdering is actually a physical thing, you said it yourself "A murderer is not a murderer until he commits murder" but being gay is not the act of doing "gay" things but instead, the way that you think, who you prefer, etc!. you can fight it all you want & whether you choose to follow through on your feelings or fight them, you're still gay!. I'll use your example of murderer!.!.!. you don't become a murderer until you murder someone!.!.!. you can have feelings to murder someone but if you fight those feelings, your not a murderer because you haven't actually done the act!.!.!. its even in the definitions:
murderer:a person who commits murder
homosexual: Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex!. ( http://dictionary!.reference!.com/ )Www@QuestionHome@Com