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Question: I need help tuning my guitar!. Sounds dumb I know!?
I have an epiphone sg special that i payed like150 for!. When I tune the d and g strings together by holding the fifth fret on the d string and tune it to the g string it sounds fine but when i play a power chord on those two strings it sounds off!. Im tuning it so i cant hear any "waves" between the two strings if that makes sense but it sounds horrible when i make the power chord!. Does anyone know what might cause this or if im doing something wrong i dont know!. Ive been playing on it for like five years and im not as good as i should be because i never really dedicated as much time to it each day as i should of and i never really took the time to learn scales but when i do play i play for a while but anyways, Its kind of a stupid question but i was just wondering if someone might know something i dontWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Your intonation could be off!. If the neck is warped, the 5th fret on the D won't be the right pitch needed for G string!.

Take it to a guitar store and they'll tell you for sure!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Just get a tuner!.!. or go to this website


First!.!.!.!.buy a tuner from your local music store!. Tune it to A440 or G for guitar if it has multiple capabilities for violin, cello!.

2nd!.!.Play the following bar chords F, G, A and see if they sound ok with your new tuning!.

3rd!.!.if it still sounds off, take the guitar in to your music store and have the luthier look at the fretting on your instrument!. When you bought it you should have had it "set up" for you!.

Sometimes the fretting is off just a bit and you need to tune to ear, but it should not be like that!. hope this helpsWww@QuestionHome@Com