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Question: How do I become a kid actress!?
I am 13 years old, and i live in a small town!.
I have wanted to be an actress for a long time!.
i have been in some plays!.
I just can't find out how!.

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Well, the way I first got started was just doing some simple plays at my school!. From there, the director of the play I was in, Annie where I was the lead, called my mom in to talk about how she thought i had potential and that she knew a couple agents that she thought we might want to talk to!. well we went, and they were all interested in the 9 year old me, but we chose one of them!.!.!. his name was like David I think:) well I went and did little things, but all in all, David really wasn't helping me as much as we wanted him to, so then I changed management!. MY mom become my manager!. Because we live in LA, she knew some people, and because my brother was also into child acting, she knew some people that way too!. She's been my management ever since!.

So what Im trying to get to here is that first you need acting back ground!. Put yourself out there, and someone's bound to notice you!. Make sure that when you are looking for management, which, a manager is the best thing from a young actresses career, especially when the parents don't know much about the business!. Make sure that the manager actually cares about YOu and your best interests because as always, there are always those people who want to con you for money them run!.

well, have fun with your new career! and good luck in the business! Ill be watching for you;)Www@QuestionHome@Com

You dont just become an actress overnight! Thats not how it works! Sorry!. What you want, is to become a child star!. That probably will not happen, considering most of them started out as babies, born into the buisness, or have wealthy parents!. If you want to be an actress when you grow up, consider going to college for acting!. If you really want to be a kid actress, honey, get into a bigger town!. Or even get an agent!. I dont mean to be harsh, but there are soooo many kids out there that the ods are slim!. Granted I'm not saying it wont hapen, but if its meant to be it will happen for you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com