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Question: Is this a good starter guitar kit!.!.!. (link inside)!?
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Any Ibanez electric starter kit is a good, safe buy for the beginning player!. They're good quality for the price, and have decent resale values (in comparison with other starter packs)!.

You also can't go wrong with a Squire or Epiphone starter pack!.

If you pick pretty much any pack from one of those three companies, you'll be happy!. Have tons of fun! :)

And by the way - in case somebody comes around and tries to tell you that you need a Gibson, American Fender, or some other pricey guitar!.!.!. ignore them!. I see it every day on Yahoo Answers!. They're pretentious fools who are trying to pat themselves on the back for their expensive purchases!.

As a beginning player, not only will you get just as much out of an inexpensive guitar, but it's a MUCH safer decision!. It's foolish to throw away a ton of money until you're certain you're going to continue playing (ie, after 1-2 years of serious practice)!.
Beginning players can't tell the difference between a high quality or beginner-level instrument anyway (and if they say they can, again!.!. they're just trying to justify their own purchase)!.

One last note: If you're going to order online I would recommend buying from GuitarCenter!.com or MusiciansFriend!.com!. They're both highly reputable sites that have been around for a very long time (Musician's Friend was a catalog company long before the days of the internet)!. They have excellent customer service, and almost always the best prices!.
That's not to say AmericanMusical or other sites aren't safe or reputable!.!. but I can't personally vouch for them!.

Anyhow, go ahead and get it, and enjoy!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

yes its goodWww@QuestionHome@Com