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Question: Guitar buying question for all guitarists!!?
i am looking into buying a guitar and wondered if i should get a guitar with tremolo!.
i want an electric guitar and want to play rock music, so should i get an electric guitar with tremolo!?

What is tremolo anyways!?!?!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I love tremolo bars!.
They are much more useful than just "Dive Bombing" That's for amateurs!.

Some people who think that 's all they are good for don't have theirs adjusted properly!. You should be able to bend a note a full whole step higher with a standard Fender Tremolo system!. (Fenders come from the factory unadjusted, so there are lots of inexperienced players who think that fender tremolos are a "one way" tremolo!.

Tremolos are really good to get vibrato on notes for people who have weak finger vibrato skills!.

I really prefer my guitars with tremolo, they are very useful!.
Not ESSENTIAL, but very handy to have around!.
I've played Stratocasters most of my life!. So with my doublenecked SG I miss it a whole lot!. I'm considering putting one on it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

tremolo is technically a change in volume not pitch (as the 'tremolo' on a guitar will do)

Basically when you lean on the 'tremolo' are you are decreasing the tension on the strings causing them to go down in pitch (or up if you increase the tension on the strings by pushing the tremolo away from the guitar's body)

whether you get one is totally up to you, there are various issue with sustain and tone that you can argue about but at the end of the day it comes down to a personal choice!. I have played guitars with both fixed and tremolo bridges!. Tremolos can be fun but are not essential to play rock!. Try some guitars at a guitar shop with and without tremolos!. Don't be afraid to ask to try guitars (I know I was when I first started :S)

Quick note: cheeper guitars have cheep tremolos which can very quicky knock your guitar out of tune (as all tremolos will eventually)Www@QuestionHome@Com

if you are buying a cheap guitar or starting out i wouldnt buy a guitar with a tremolo,due to cheap guitars with tremolos usually have problems with them,

i would buy something like epiphone or ibenez

go to www!.musicansfriend!.com they have good deals on guitars

research on youtube and see the quality of these guitarsWww@QuestionHome@Com

if you are into divebombs, then get a tremolo!.
a tremolo is just a specific kind of bridge that you use to change the pitch of the guitar!.
there are different kinds of tremolo systems, like the Wilkinson free-floating tremolo or the Floyd Rose Tremolo
picture above is a wilkinson tremolo
its good for playing things like classic rock and maybe even hard rock
you can send the pitch down a lot, but you really cant take it up for doing squeals
this is a floyd rose locking tremolo
it it, in my opinion, one of the best tremolos out there in the market!. you can send the pitch up at least 2 steps and have it go down as far as you want it to go
the only thing negative about this is the management of it
like setting the intonation, adjusting the saddles, the nut lock, etc!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

A tremolo is a "whammy bar"
it pulls on the bridge, pulling the strings, giving you a distinct sound
If you just play rock music, you might not want one, they can be a ***** to re-string and keep in tune!. If you play Metal it is almost a must!. I don't really use them much, though i have a few guitars with a tremolo, and i play metalWww@QuestionHome@Com