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Question: Tech crew for a musical!?
hi : )
i am signing up to be a tech member for my schools musical but am not sure what all the positions are so help please!? i only need to know what they do! answer what ever you can! thanks!!!!

production assisstant
stage manager
assistant stage mannager
properties designer
house crew
dramaturgy (PLEASE TELL ME)
buisness crew
special events corrdinater and crew
benefit cordinator and crew


Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
Hey! Good for you for going out to be on the tech crew!

Production Assistant-- More than likely an assistant director/producer, more than likely one of the bigger, more stress enducing parts!. She/He will do the director's bidding and take over for them if needed!.

Stage Manager--Seriously a MAJOR part of the production!. Besides just working at the performance giving cues to actors, the lights, props, and other tech crews, the stage manager has to be at EVERY SINGLE rehearsal!. He/She has to write down ALL the blocking (character's movements) for EVERY character!. Sounds like a lot of work, uh, yeah, it is!

Assistant Stage Manager-- Pretty much does what the stage manager does, but slightly more scaled down!. They will do what the stage manager says (but then, who doesn't!?) and will relay it to other people!. Be ready for a lot of work if you get Assistant Stage Manager or Stage Manager!.

Properties Designer-- In case you didn't know, a "property" is the formal name for a "prop" (the items used onstage)!. The properties designer will design, make/create, and get all props for the show!. You will have to have good people's skills in order to be props designer because they will have to ask people to loan them the props, figure out through the director what the props are, or be creative and make it themselves!.

House Crew-- This would be more than one person, but there may be a "head" to the crew!. The house crew consists of the ushers, ticket sellers, flower sellers, etc!. They will be working in the house of the theatre, or, in other words, the lobby!. The ticket sellers, obviously, sell tickets, flower sellers (you may or may not have them) sell flowers that will be given to the cast, and the ushers are the ones who show people to their seats and hand out programs!. They won't have a lot of work until closer to the performances!.

Dramaturgy-- to be honest, I really don't know!.

Business Crew-- Again, anything with the word "crew" implies more than one person!. The business crew will probably be the people who contact the newspapers, companies, and businesses to get them to sponser your performance or to get the to advertise for you!. People skills is definantly a MUST for this!

Special Events Coordinator and Crew-- I think that this and the benefits crew may be the same thing, but I'll try to explain them differently!. The Special Events coordinator and crew will be the people who put together the cast and crew party at the end and possibly other parties and get togethers along the way!.

Benefit Coordinator and Crew-- the people who will put together benefits for the show!. The benefits may include dinners, auctions, and other ways to raise money for the show!. These people are a must, especially if you're running on a tight budget!. The job will be big, but once fundraising is done, you probably won't have much to do!.

Hope I helped a lot! Break a leg and goodluck with everything you do!


Well I'll try as best I can!.!.!.
I've done school musicals and have also been a professional performer in a few operas as a nonsinging extra!. (I sing OK, but not THAT OK!)

production assistant, I think is like an assistant director!. They will take the notes for the director!. Possibly read them to the cast after rehearsal!.
Basically the directors gopher!.

Stage Manager is the person who calls the show cues!. Readies the cast for their scenes and is the behind the scenes "conductor" if you will!.

Assistant Stage manager would probably mean the person backstage in communication with the stage manager and deliver notices and cues to the cast in the dressing room, and would take over the Manager job if the "boss" can't be there!.

Properties designer means the "prop" guy!. You would figure out what you need for props, obtain them, and keep them all organized and ready for use during the show!. If you need something that you don't have, you try to figure out some way to make it!.
(for instance, in one Opera, me and another guy needed a Luger type pistol!., so the props manager bought two red plastic water pistols that looked like Lugers and spray painted them black!.)

Dramaturgy !?!? hehe
I never heard of it either!. Evidentally it's the person who will adapt the stage directions, or invent the stage directions convey the essence of the drama!. For instance, using the same opera as the pistol prop thing, the dramaturgist adapted the opera "Pagliacci" to take place in Nazi occupied Italy, instead of it's original setting!.

Business crew probably involved in designing the posters, programs and stuff like that!. also probably in charge of ticket sales!.

The last two IDK
In a professional theater company, the special events coordinator, would probably make arrangements for school kids to view a full dress rehearsal to learn about theater!. Things like that!.Www@QuestionHome@Com