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Question: Right-Handed / Left-Handed!.!.!. a difference in which!.!.!.!?
This may be a stupid question, I'm just looking for some opinions!.

I was thinking today about snare drumming and I was wondering about how to hold your sticks and which hand to use first, if that makes absolutely any sense at all!. See, I've just recently got into drumming and I think its all cool, but I just noticed I may be holding my sticks, not wrong but in the wrong hands!?

For example, if I was right handed (which I'm not), would I hold my sticks the same way to each corresponding hand as I would with a left handed person!? Does it matter!?

And if different rules apply, for striking the drum, do you always start with your right hand!?

Haha~ Thanks!. :]Www@QuestionHome@Com

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If all you are doing is playing a snare, then don't you hold the sticks the same way in both hands!? With playing a whole drum set, then it can make a difference!. The snare hand (traditional position) is the way you hold the sticks in both hands for snare only drumming while the other hand holds the stick vertically to hit the cymbals and such!.
The "rock" style of kit drumming holds both sticks straight out away from you!.

As far as which hand you start a rhythm with on a snare!.!.!.!.I can't imagine it would make a difference!. As long as you get the beat right!.

I'm a guitarist with 40 yrs of playing, and also play drums!. But I didn't take formal lessons, so I play standard "rock style"!. So I don't really know paradiddles!.!.!.!.!.LOL I would think it's however you feel comfortable!.

But, also there may be something about being in a marching band that looks better if all the drummers in the line play the beats with the same hands!. It might look funny if one guy starts with a different hand!?

Helpful!? IDK!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

That is an interesting question!. I think you should play with the hand that you are most comfortable with, and only give it some thought when there is a combo that would include cross-overs; ie, your hi-hat is on your left hand side and the pattern you are playing would require you to be able to have your left hand free for that beat so you can easily hit the hi-hat without having to cross your right hand over your body to reach for it!. Other than that it really doesn't matter!.
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