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Question: Can steel string guitar be restrung with nylon strings!?
My mom bought my daughter a guitar for christmas and she has started lessons!.!.!.well they failed to tell me that she needed a nylon string guitar!.!.!.she presently has steel strings!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I'm sorry, but those other guys are dead wrong!. You cannot put nylon strings on a steel string guitar!. None of the parts of the guitar are fitted or equipped to deal with them!. The bridge, the bridge saddle, the nut and the tuning pegs are all wrong for nylon strings!. Technically you might be able to get a set on there, but it would not be right!. the strings would be too big for the nut (the little white string guide at the top of the fretboard) You can get nylon strings with a ball end on them, but those are really meant for people who don't want to go through the hassle of making the little knot on the bridge that nylon strings require!.

Now unless she is learning how to play "classical" guitar music like Andres Segovia or Flamenco music, there is no real reason why she can't use a steel stringed guitar to play chords and learn the notes of the guitar!.

It may be that the teacher "recommends" nylon stringed guitars because it is the easiest type of guitar for a beginner to learn on!. It's easier on the fingertips, and hte neck is wider so a beginners fingers won't stumble over each other or get in the way as much!.
She can learn "standard" guitar playing on a steel string, too!. It's just a little tougher on the fingers is all!.
I learned on a nylon stringed guitar myself back in the 60's!. Then went straight to electric guitar!. But I could have used a steel stringed guitar if I had wanted!.

If she HAS to have a classical guitar, check out this website:
depending on her age or size, I'd recommend just ordering her the valencia full size acoustic or the Gypsy rose package!. If she is small or very young go for the 3/4 size valencia acoustic!. Those are all nylon stringed acoustics and are appropriate for a beginning guitarist!. And they are only $40!. so it's a cheap way to solve your problem, and she can keep the steel string for later, she will need it eventually!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes, you can fit nylon strings to a normally steel strung guitar, though in my opinion its not a very good idea in the long term!.
The neck and headstock on a steel strung guitar is different in design and construction, as steel strings have to be under much greater tension to achieve the same pitch as nylon ones!.
To fit nylon strings would be ok for a while, but over time the neck would tend to bend away (in other words backwards) as the usual tension its would be under would be considerably less!.
This would make the instrument much harder to play, cause buzzing strings, and ultimately make it unplayable!.
also, there may be an issue with passing the nylon strings through the string guides at the nut and bridge, as nylons tend to be of a heavier gauge than steel!.
I'd recommend you buy a cheap nylon strung guitar for her to learn on initially, then use the steel strung one once she has become more proficient as a player, and her finger tips have hardened up!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Of course!. Its just a question of buying a set of nylon strings and taking off the steel strings and putting on the nylon ones!. Done!.Www@QuestionHome@Com