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Question: Can you rate my singing!?
IGNORE the fact that im singing britney spears and im not GAY

im learning how to sing and need advice on how to use my voice


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You sound like you are a Tenor!. Most male voices fall into this range!. If you are familiar with a piano a tenor voice is defined (but not limited to) the notes between low C (one Octave below middle) and the A note above middle C!. Other than that, your voice is smooth, and your words defined!. The one problem I find is volume control!. The song probably is not the best, but if I am hearing correctly your lower notes seems softer!. You might be expelling more air to get the lower notes, in this case try to regulate your breathing!. In addition, it sounds as if you were sitting when you sang this!. If you were, stand, it doesn't constrict the lungs and allows the diaphragm full movement!. Other than that, it does sound good!. (and as a side note, singing britney Spears does not make you gay!. I would have chosen a different picture to put on YouTube though!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

you have great potential, good tone, good pitch control,!.!.!.!.!.but;

1!. your phrasing is weak at times
2!. you need to use a lot more air & support it well!. this will fix the straining you hear in your upper range and make your voice sound much richer!.
3!. in a song like this, feel free to change gender specific words (him/her) so you won't have to defend being not gay,!.!.!.lol

keep working & good luck

p!.s!. baritone (not tenor) is the most common male voice!. your range makes you more marketable as a tenorWww@QuestionHome@Com

Ok, i am a lead singer in choir, so i know what im about to say!.


ok, enough of excitment!. i really think your voice is amazing!. you should be discovered! This may be an opinion from a junior high student, but me and all my friends who are gathered around me think you have an incredible voice!. i seriously love your voice!. i hope u will be discovered one day!. I hoped i helped! and made you happy!

And i really mean what i say!. i love your voice!. and im not lying! i love your voice!Www@QuestionHome@Com

1(worst)to10(very very good) i will naturally u a 3!.!.!.there is still room 4 improvement!.!.!.dun giv up!!juz try 2 sing more naturly!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com