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Question: How much does an oboe cost!?
I'll be in high school next year and for an elective, I want to play the oboe!. How much do they cost!. Not a super great one, just average!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I'd go with the clarinet!. Oboes are a lot harder to play, sound horrible for years and are a lot more expensive!.

they can cost anywhere from £643!.48 to £5000
but those are new oboes

used ones are probably around £200-£1000Www@QuestionHome@Com

Oboes are not cheap! I did see a used Selmer (good brand) for $400!. However, you do not necessarily have to purchase one to get started!. Most music stores rent instruments for a montly fee!. I would suggest renting one at least for a short time to try it out and be sure you are going to stick with it before you invest a lot of money into it!. However, I do suggest you not rent to own (may programs may be rent to own programs, but often you can stop renting them with no problems)!. Rent to own programs end up charging you hundreds to thousands more than you would have paid if you bought the instrument right out!. So, rent it a few months, and if you like it return the rental and buy one!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

An oboe is a costly instrument to play!. wwbw!.com is a great place to look for one online!. I've played different oboes, and for a good one to start out on, they will probably start in the ballpark of about $1000!. Student reeds will cost about $10 each!. Cork grease is a must but it's super cheap!. A $3 tube will easily last a year!.
Fox renard oboes are widely recommended to learn on!. they will start around $1200 used!.
Selmers are popular to learn on as well, but also many people end up not liking them!. they cost around $700-800 used!.
The one that I started on is a barrington 801!. Brand new, it costed less than $900 at wwbw!.com!. That was less $ than what it would've costed for 1 years rental from some of the shops I spoke with, and now I still own it instead of having to hand it back over!. It has almost all the keywork of a professional, which is a huge plus!. That's probably the best one you'll find for the money!. I'd recommend that one!.
Yamaha's intermediate line is good to start on!. Their beginner 211 isn't very good
Loree, Laubin, Rigoutat, Marigaux are all too expensive to start out on!. Those are for professionals & cost upwards of $3-4000 for a good used one!.
Just in general, wooden ones sound better and are more expensive than plastic/resonite, but just starting out, they will probably all sound about the same for you, so go for plastic or resonite, which is what the barrington and Fox renard are!.
You'll have to keep in mind they have to be maintained, & the less expensive ones will be in the shop more often!.
Good luck with it, it's a real beautiful-sounding instrument!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

oboes do cost a lot!.
check this site out http://wwbw!.com/Search/Default!.aspx!?Ne=4!.!.!.
if you want cheaper ones
i would look at craigslist!.com for maybe a cheaper used one!.Www@QuestionHome@Com