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Question: What is the best and fastest way to learn how to play guitar!?
I am getting a guitar and i really want to know how to play!. I am not sure if i can afford lessons so i probably wont be able to do lessons!.

PLEASE ANSWER!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I'm going to tell you this right now: there is no "fastest" way to learn guitar!. It takes alot of Time and Practice!. You may want to start with a book that teaches you the basics like Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method 1!. Then just go on from there by educating yourself about the guitar and start to play songs you like!. This will be your motivation!. Good luck with the guitar!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Most guitar players, I would say 90%, even famous ones, are self-taught!. That's one reason guitars are so popular!. Whenever you see someone playing the guitar on TV, look at their left hand, the one pushing the strings down on the fingerboard!. If their thumb is curled up over the top of the neck, they're self-taught!. A guitar teacher would teach you to press your thumb against the back of the neck!. But you don't very often see that, except in very well-trained classical or jazz guitarists!.

Go to a music store and get a book with chords in it!. Learn to play a few chords and play a few songs to sing along with!. You start with really easy (dumb) songs like Skip to My Lou and Red River Valley!. It will take a while to develop strength in your left hand, but be patient, and like any exercise to build strength, you don't want to overdo it at first!.

If you know anyone who plays the guitar, ask them to come over and show you a few tricks!. Much of guitar learning is 'viral', passed from one player to another!. The more guitar players you know, the more 'tricks' you pick up!.

If you learn a few chords you will see how they can fit any song, you'll learn to be able to play 'by ear'!. That skill is very useful!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

If you can't afford lessons, use utube lessons!. Self-taught is the best way, but you will want someone to coach you on breaking bad habits especially early on, so try to find a friend who plays who, if they can't give you a lesson, at least ask him to critique you on bad habits that you are developing!. (I am self-taught, but greatful I had people to tell me what I was doing wrong early, like even the way I held my pic)!. I also learned by just practicing scales and chords, but the minute you get a few chords down, start learning songs to keep it fun and allowing your practice (of chords, and scales) to "pay off" and reward you!. Surprisingly, you don't have to do "dumb" songs once you can learn to put chords together without struggleing!. Many great songs are just a few chords!. I even started learning some of my chords because a favorite song of mine had a chord I hadn't learned yet!

A good thing to remember is that creativity is most important---wanting to learn a song or play a song will make you develope technically!. Creativity drives learning!. You can learn scales, and thats good, but once you learn enough solos from songs, music theory---like "what key is it in" will seem secondary!. I think some people start by learning too much theory and get bored!. But, if theory makes you tick, learn it first---it's whatever keeps you enjoying it the most!. I started with songs then became curious to theory, so I did, then I quickly went back to songs once I had some basic theory!. It takes patients!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Different methods work for different people, some learn really well from buying books, others videos!. Some people learn best from jamming with other people!. Some folks prefer the structure of a classroom environment!. I like Youtube videos of how to learn certain songs and riffs!. PowerTab is another good tool to use!. I have used all the methods above (except the classroom environment, I never took lessons either)!.

But the best, and the fastest way to learn guitar is to play it everyday!. EVERYDAY!. Play it everyday until your fingers hurt!. Play it until you are so tired you can't play anymore!. Just play, try to come up with new things, try to play along with songs, TV shows, Movie soundtracks, etc!.

I'll give you the best advice I ever got: Practice, practice, and when you get done practicing, go practice some more!.

It's simple advice, but it's the only thing that really works!. If you take lessons, and never practice, you will never be any good at the guitar!. But if you play everyday, you will be!. Ask everyone you know that impresses you with what they can play if they don't practice regularly, and none of them will tell you "no," guaranteed!.

I have been playing off and on for over 20 years, and still impress young (and not so young) women with my playing (and I'm old, but I practice a lot ;)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i learned from my boyfriend, who is an amazing guitarist!. he didn't charge me a thing!. if you can't afford lessons, see if you have any friends willing to give free or cheap lessons! or, there are a lot of places on the web that have lessons on video, which aren't as great, but they are free!. you can go to google and look up "free online guitar lessons!."Www@QuestionHome@Com

What I did was I got a cd that teaches you how to play!. It seemed easier than a book because with a cd you can actually hear the cord and see videos of how to play!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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