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Question: I want to buy this flute!.!.what do u think!?
I have played the flute for a couple of years and i really like it!. I think its time for me to get one!. Becase of its descirption i think this could be a good one!.!.!. what do you think!?


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Sadly, the Gemeinhardt company it no longer on the recommendation list of ANY professional flutists or serious flute teachers!. The company has been sold several times, quality has dropped, and more importanly, OTHER flute companies have so far outdistanced it, that it is no longer competitive in flute selection!.

Go look at the flutes offered at ANY decent all-flute house - like www!.fluteworld!. You will see other flutes of FAR better construction!. A Jupiter in the 600 series is FAR better than this - maybe a 611 RBS!. If this starts to creep past you budget, then SERIOUSLY consider a previously-owned flute of a fine manufacture - a wonderful value!. Most people who list s flute for consignment will list HIGHER priced flutes - so you need to look harder for your price range!. Try www!.usedflutes!.com - I know the owner from e-lists, and this is an honest place!.

Good luck in your search - but do NOT get this flute at Sam Ash!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Gemeinhardt flutes are really well-endowed!. They usually last a long time and they do play well!. Even if the company has been sold several times, etc!. these flutes are still widely used in many orchestras, marching bands, and professional areas!.

Yamaha flutes are also spectacular!. They are good for the beginners and they are great for advanced players!. They are usually reasonably priced and they also last a long time!.

Bundy and Jupiter flutes are also recommended!.

One flute that I severely do not recommend is the First Act flute!. Too many times have I seen people fall for these instruments because they are only about 80 dollars, but they are crap!. They are hard to tune, they are easily broken, and they have leaks and popped springs on the flutes like it is going out of style!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i assume you've been playing on a closed hole flute!.!.!. right!? i got my first open hole flute in 8th/9th grade!. it look likes a nice flute!.!.!. but i'm not sure how it would sound!. it might also not look like the little picture!. my cousin got a very nice open hole flute off of e-bay but my friend got a flute off the internet somewhere and it had some dude's name and social security number on it!. so be careful!. i've never personally played on a gemeingardt!. i'm pretty sure my cousin likes her's!. i prefer yamaha and armstrong!. our school's gemeingardt piccolo doesn't sound that great!.!.!. but that could be because it's really really really old!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

if your really rich, sure why not,,, but if you already have one don't get another one you're going to get older and not play the flute anymore it's going to be in your attic collecting dust, or in your garage sale, spend your money on something useful!.!.!.iraWww@QuestionHome@Com

Gemeinhardt is a good middle quality flute!. For that matter they make a higher quality one also!. So you are safe with them!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Wow I never knew flutes were so cheapWww@QuestionHome@Com